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About phytogenics
Discover the power of nature
Phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) – a key solution for conventional and antibiotic-free animal nutrition

In addition to the rising need for high-quality animal protein, and high feed costs, new challenges have arisen from consumer worries about animal welfare and antibiotics.

Due to their holistic and broad-spectrum efficacy, phytogenics are moving further into the spotlight among scientists, nutritionists, feed manufactures, producers and farmers.

What are phytogenic feed additives? How do these power plants exactly work?
Phytogenics made by Delacon
Phytogenic feed additives, commonly defined as plant-based feed additives or botanicals, represent a group of natural substances used in animal nutrition. These substances are derived from herbs, spices, other plants and their extracts, like essential oils.

The term phytogenic feed additives was coined nearly three decades ago by Delacon, which even then recognized the potential of plants to meet challenges in animal nutrition.
'Phytogenic feed additives or phytogenics are standardized mixtures of plant extracts and botenical compounds with measureable results 

Modes of action powered by plants
Nature offers a massive potential with a large number of botanical compounds and various mode of action.

Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives contain more than 100 natural ingredients being part of many different active ingredient groups, such as pungent substances, bitter substances, essential oils, saponins, flavonoids, mucilages and tannins. Owing to this wide range, PFAs offer much more than flavoring properties. The effects are many, while mostly targeting the enhancement of livestock performance.

The impacts can include:

Sensorial stimulation and palatability
Increased enzymatic activity in the intestinal tract
Improved nutrient utilization
Antioxidant effects
Enhanced quorum sensing inhibition leading to reduced bacterial pathogenicity,
Improved gut integrity
Improved reproductive performance.

Phytogenic feed additives using plant extracts show wider modes of action in animal nutrition compared to chemical nature-identical substances. This advantage is based on the synergistic effects of all agents within a plant, which have not been reduced to the effects of a single lead substance. This natural synergy, combined with sustainability and safety, makes our natural feed additives a top solution platform in multispecies animal nutrition.

The challenge is to find the right combinations of natural substances while fully exploiting the synergy among plants and their active substances.

Green light for food safety, sustainability and profitability
Phytogenic feed additives are a natural alternative for livestock producers and companies developing antibiotic-free feeding programs. Additives applied in livestock production should not only contribute to profitability and superior quality of animal-derived products but also satisfy food safety and environmental regulations.

Phytogenics used as natural growth promoters in animal nutrition have been proven to provide a return on investment. They also have been proven to reduce ammonia, methane and other greenhouse gas emissions. The botanical compounds are proven safe for consumers, and can help improve profitability and sustainability in animal production.

Selecting phytogenics

Phytogenics on the rise – finding the right solutions
Whether they are called phytogenic feed additives, phytogenics, secondary plant compounds, essential oils or just botanicals – finding the right product is not an easy subject.

Since the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in the EU in 2006, many countries in the world followed. In the United States the sub-therapeutic use of medically important antibiotics for growth performance will no longer be allowed by 2017. Besides this shift, also other market forces, such as increasing consumer demands for safety and antibiotic-free food products or environmental issues, supported the rise of phytogenics.

Due to the high potential, more and more feed additives manufacturers will enter this promising market, and more and more producers and farmers are interested in using this natural solution. However, it is not easy to differentiate high-quality phytogenic feed additives from other plant-based products.

When selecting high-quality phytogenic feed additives, consider the following points during your decision-making process:

Experience matters.

Be cautious of companies that shallow expertise in developing and testing phytogenic products.

Delacon's experience spans three decades. Founded in 1988, Delacon has been the pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additives for about 30 years and coined the term 'phytogenics'.

Confirm the research and efficacy.

Ask for and understand the research behind the product.

Delacon built its own world-class centre for advanced phytogenic research, the Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC). Moreover, Delacon collaborate with research partners from all over the word to conduct fundamental joint research and global field trials.

Choose true phytogenic products.

Look for phytogenic feed additives that contain natural, plant-derived extracts with several active substances, rather than single substances produced synthetically.

Delacon uses true phytogenics for their greater synergistic effects effects between different active substances.

Ensure viability of active substances.

Phytogenic feed additives should unfold their maximum efficacy where it is needed: in the gastro-intestinal tract of the animal.

Delacon's patented, heat-resistant microencapsulation process protects active substances from processing and storage conditions.

Work with your expert team.

Your veterinarian and nutritionist are key to making sound decisions in your operation.

Delacon works with you and your team to create customized solutions that meet specific animal nutrition goals.



The spirit of Delacon’s vision is implemented in all of our products: Using the power of nature, our phytogenic feed additives represent a highly efficient and safe solution to maximize livestock production. Thereby, every single product focuses on the support of animal health allowing the individual animal to utilize the absorbed energy in meat production rather than in immunological defense. For Delacon, improving animal health status is the key to profitable animal production and optimizing feed efficiency. Extensive research is the foundation of our extraordinary highly effective phytogenic feed additives and services for animal production. It is rather the impact of a combination of several plant-derived substances and their synergistic effects than a single component that empowers our products to exploit the animals' full genetic potential. Not only the target animal will benefit from an improved health status, but also the producer who benefits from reduced production costs: In fact, it is every consumer who will benefit from the synergistic effects of diverse phytogenic substances by finding safe and natural products in the food chain, without any risk for developing resistances to antibiotics.

Although Delacon products do have all these attributes in common, we are proud to provide tailor-made and high specific solutions for state of the art animal production. Our research and development team permanently works on sophisticated formulations to empower poultry, swine and ruminant systems delivering high performance under the influence of phytogenics tuned to each specialized physiological prerequisite.



We are the global expert in phytogenic feed additives

Delacon is the world's most-trusted provider of top-class phytogenic solutions for livestock production. For more than three decades, we have pioneered the natural way to keep animals healthy and performing - with phytogenic feed additives.

Founded and grown as an Austrian family business, Delacon has been the pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additives for about 30 years. We research, develop and produce purely natural feed additives composed of herbs, spices and essential oils for ruminants, swine and poultry and coined the term 'phytogenics'.


The vision of company founder Helmut Dedl to replace antibiotic growth promoters by phytogenic feed additives and thus to ensure sustainable, profitable life production and food safety, still applies to current CEO Markus Dedl as a guideline of corporate strategy.


From our headquarters and our standardized and modern production facility in Steyregg, Austria, we export our products to more than 80 countries worldwide. Delacon has a global team of more than 100 employees at 19 locations and cooperates with distribution partners around the world.


At Delacon, we share three values:


High quality is our commitment in all aspects of our business. We only use state-of-the-art technologies run by highly skilled experts. At Delacon, we always ensure that our products are sustainable, safe and effective. This has also been officially confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority that awarded us the highest classification, the gold standard, in feed additive registration: the EU registration as zootechnical feed additive.



The appearance of new challenges concerning animal nutrition is inevitable, but we are prepared to meet them with full commitment. Constantly striving to do better, Delacon is always intent on finding new, innovative solutions to meet these challenges.



What started as a phytogenic alternative to antibiotic growth promoters became a line of reliable and award-winning products that have shown consistent results in increasing performance, reducing emissions and thus providing a sustainable solution for the future. We are continuously working to deliver the full potential of natural substances in order to make livestock production more sustainable as well as profitable and to create safe consumer products.


These are our key drivers, our understanding of “performing nature”. This is what makes us the choice experts for present and future challenges in animal nutrition for livestock production.


Science & Progress

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Taking our role as world leader in phytogenics seriously, we put a lot of emphasis in our core competences: research and development.

Innovation is the driving force of our business and an important factor of our success. This is reflected in a substantial annual investment in this field. Our multinational R&D team conducts scientific research within all species of animal nutrition - poultry, swine and ruminants.  

Delacon's research focuses on the following topics:

Our main focus in the field of research is to find and to evaluate new botanical compounds and their combinations to exploit their full potential in animal nutrition, such as improving feed conversion, increasing daily weight gain, preventing infections and reducing environmental emissions.
There are four milestones in the history of R&D, which we are proud of:
Extensive global trial data base

With our international research partner institutions and laboratories, which are located in over 20 countries, we conduct various research projects simultaneously and operate an extensive trial data base- reaching from Brazil to South Korea.


In Steyregg, we run our own laboratory for R&D. This enables us to verify the quality of any product or substance- whether for incoming raw materials or for ready mixed products. In addition, we guarantee traceability of our goods during the entire production process- from our reliable suppliers through to our valued customers.

Our fully-owned research center

In 2011, we opened the Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC) in the Czech Republic. This farm is one of the largest company owned, state-of-the-art trial sites in this field and a true milestone. It allows Delacon to guarantee the conduction of safe and accurate studies under controlled conditions for any kind of husbandry species- poultry, swine or ruminants.

Scientific gold standard

Due to our scientifically substantiated research data base, Delacon is the first and up to date, only company to receive a zootechnical registration by the EU for a 100% pure phytogenic product - FRESTA® for pigs. This registration is the gold standard for feed additives and proves physiological benefits in animal performance.

R&D processes can be devided into three major parts:
Due to our high competence in R&D and based on an exhaustive trial data base ranging around the globe, our products contain verified know-how in standardized form. In combination with our zootechnical registration, this sets us apart from the rest of the market.

Tech Talk
As the pioneer in phytogenic feed additives Delacon is proud of conducting basic as well as applied research on the mode of action of phytogenics. In numerous collaborations with Universities and research centers all over the world, Delacon conducts in-vitro and in-vivo trials to gain in-depth insight in the modes of action of various phytogenic active substances. Basing on these trial data you find here a selection of Delacon’s contributions in specialist journals as well as White Papers on current issues. Moreover, with the Dossier Delacon introduced a special medium aiming to present the latest scientific results and background information on the experiments done. Please klick here for more details.

News & Events
New team members, important industry news or cooperations -  get here the latest news about Delacon and the phytogenic landscape.
Moreover, Delacon participates at the most important conferences, events, trade fairs and congresses of the feed and livestock industry. With our event reviews, we give you exclusive insights and tell you more about our experiences on-site. Find here our upcoming events and event reviews


Delacon has a team of more than 100 people in 19 countries worldwide, including 50 at the company’s headquarters in Steyregg, Austria. The company has enjoyed double-digit growth rates for a number of years and invests ten percent of its annual turnover in research and development. Delacon exports to about 80 countries; its main markets are Central and Eastern Europe, the USA, China, Japan and South Korea.

For more details, please have a look at our basic press-kit

In addition, you can find Delacon's press releases here


Press Contact 

Ms. Karina Umdasch

Phone: +43 (0) 732 640 531-414



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