Ruminants, 03. - 06.09.2019

State-of-the-art research in ruminant physiology

Phytogenics, if formulated properly, can play a key role in ruminant nutrition. It has been proven by 30 years of research and the experiences of producers.


An upcoming event focuses on ruminant physiology of today. The idea is to gather leading experts in this field to discuss most pressing topics, such as latest scientific findings, gastrointestinal digestion, inflammation and immunology.



Welcome to the International Conference on Ruminant Physiology (ISRP)

For this reason, Delacon's experts will join the ISRP in Leipzig, from September 3 to 6, 2019, and they will present to you two posters on the effects of phytogenics on calves and dairy cows.


Get to know our research specialists 

Thierry Aubert (Species Leader Ruminant), Poulad Pourazad (R&D Manager Ruminant) and Svenja Bub (Area Sales Manager Germany) will be on-site to answer all of your questions.


As part of the Ruminant Team, they are welcome guests at conferences or workshops worldwide. Together, they make phytogenic solutions available to all.


Our ruminant experts look forward to meeting you at this event!

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