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ESPN 2017: Golden Times for Delacon

Delacon goes Spain for the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN)

Pioneers always strive for gold – this slogan is public to a broad audience since March 15, the day Delacon’s second zootechnical registration was published, for the poultry product Biostrong© 510 EC. The slogan also reflects this year’s participation at the ESPN: As a GOLD sponsor, Delacon welcomed about 100 distributors and customers from all over the world in Salou (Terragona, Spain), a tourist resort situated along a long stretch of GOLDEN sand at the Costa Daurada. 


Delacon booth ESPN 2017

An eventful week: from scientific insights to exploring the Spanish culture

With more than 1,800 guests, ESPN has grown to a meeting point of global importance, with an increasing number of attendees, also from Non-European countries. The high scientific quality becomes visible from the official program that included state-of-the-art research of the poultry industry’s hot topics, for instance feeding strategies, gut health, thermoregulation and heat stress.




As gold sponsor, we had a logo presence on ESPN-signposts, besides our Delacon booth and a scientific poster with the topic: A phytogenic feed additive improves egg shell quality and tibia breaking strength in 90 weeks old laying hens, prepared by Poldi, Andreas M. and Jan Dirk.




Besides the official program, of course, as pioneers, we needed to discover the Spanish landscape and culture. Besides exploring the architectonic highlights of Barcelona on a sightseeing trip, we visited Guissona – a town that is very well-known for farming (plant crops and animal husbandry) and known for processed food manufacturing. Hence, an agricultural marketing cooperative named Grup Alimentari Guissona is located here that distributes and commercializes the products of this area.





Delacon’s fun factor of global events has a name: Jeetendra


Without doubt, the highlight of the week for all participants was the Delacon gala dinner on Wednesday at the beautiful ‘Castell de Tamarit’, located in Tarragona. It was a pleasure for a pioneering company like us to welcome other pioneers to this beautiful castle, which was not built for defense, but can be seen as a symbol for exploring the world at the top of the high towers. After getting in touch with the beautiful architecture and landscape, it was the perfect time to experience the Spanish culture with its culinary delights as well as dance and music performances.


Besides the official performance of Spanish flamenco dancers, supported by live guitar music, Jeetendra hit the stage to entertain the audience with one of his famous Bollywood dance performances. Of course, this was not the only highlight of his entertainment program. Prior this week, he gave Peter (an American customer) a spontaneous birthday dance, which he will never forget and did his obligatory singing in the bus during an excursion.


A culinary journey with Martin


As the Newsfeed editorial team could not participate at this year’s ESPN, we asked Martin to give us a short review about his impressions, so that we could update you about the most important facts. Do you can image which part caught most of his attention? You might think it was the location, the side events or the mood, but no – it was the food. After his detailed insights, it felt like we were on-site too. From tapas, to Iberian ham, to traditional seafood, to paella and to regional desserts like Crema Catalana (taste like Crème brulée with more citrus, according to Martin). Now we all know Martin’s favorite way for exploring cultures. Who could blame him? It’s my most preferred way too.


Last but not least – get some more impression about Delacon’s participation at ESPN while reading some funny quotes:


Jeetendra said “a cake he will forget, but on a dance he will remember forever”, so he got up to sing Happy Birthday song and started dancing hand in hand with Peter (US customer).



Martin: (explaining the location)…and there you have the dungeons.”

Sonny: “What’s a dungeon?”

Sonny’s wife: “Your naughty room.”



Customer I: “Martin is not getting his lips wet, his glass is always full, just pretending.”

Customer II: “He is not allowed. Look! His belly is coming out."

Jeetendra: “Yes, at least 7 months pregnant."


Situation 1:
Meilis” Let us have a priest for desert.” (What she wanted to say was “let us have a pray for desert (to come quickly)”

Situation 2:
Elori: “I have black hair in my drink!”
Martin: “As long as it’s not curly, there is nothing to worry about.”


Stephane: “ Martin was responsible for Peters cake as always. And as always I hope Peter does not get sick of it- like Kevin at VIV Bangkok!”
Gina: “Kevin got sick?”
Stephane: Yes, because it took Martin 3 days to source a stupid cake in Bangkok - so it was 3 days old.”
Martin: “My so-called 3 days old cake is nothing compared to Kevin’s 1000 year old Chinese eggs.”




Event Team
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