Strategic partnerhip

Advance the natural phytogenic feed additive category

Markus Dedl
Delacon, 06.07.2017

Delacon and Cargill announce strategic equity investment

Delacon, the pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additives, and Cargill have agreed to a strategic partnership that will advance the market presence of natural, plant-based feed additives on a global scale, and meet changing consumer preferences of what animals are fed and how food is produced. 


The partnership will connect Cargill’s deep expertise in applied nutrition and global presence with Delacon’s knowhow and market experience in phytogenic feed additives, a category that uses natural ingredients, including herbs, spices, other plants and their extracts, such as essential oils, to improve animal performance and secure animal health for sustainable, wholesome food production.

The agreement also will allow the companies to expand their technical and go-to-market capabilities to meet customers’ needs around the world as they pursue the joint mission of growing the phytogenic feed additives category.


For Delacon, the partnership will give access to countries worldwide, where it does not have a market presence today. For Cargill, the investment expands its presence and capability in the additives space, with a focus on select markets outside the United States.


Our agreement with Cargill represents an opportunity to accelerate growth and invest in Delacon’s future and the future of phytogenic feed additives, as our customers are looking for solutions delivered in a natural, efficient and sustainable way - from feed to food, said Delacon CEO Markus Dedl.
Delacon has a strong reputation, recognizable brand and a deep commitment to scientifically driven customer solutions that focus on healthy animals, feed efficiency and performance in a sustainable manner, said Chuck Warta, president, Cargill Premix and Nutrition.

This strategic partnership builds on the successful collaboration that Delacon and Cargill have built over the last several years.


Read more details in the press release.

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