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  • Jeetendra Verma
Delacon sets up an office in India and hires Country Manager

Phytogenic feed additives are seen amongst the top solutions in animal nutrition. Their holistic benefits are paying off around the world. In order to deliver individual solutions for different markets, Delacon’s network is growing steadily. Recently, the pioneer and leader in phytogenic feed additives decided to set up a location in India and hired Dr. Jeetendra Verma who serves as Country Manager.

Owing to rise in disposable income, increased awareness about protein requirement, changing lifestyle and aspirations as well as increasing retail and branded foods, there is an increasing trend in the consumption of meat and meat products in India and the Indian subcontinent region. The consumers have become more demanding and are seeking more choices of safe and wholesome food. The demand for quality food and meat products from the domestic as well as the export market is on rise. Accordingly, Delacon sees this region as a potential market place for its phytogenic feed additives and has set up an office in Bangalore, India.


Delacon establishes phytogenic feed additives in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal

For these reasons, in October 2014, Delacon opened up the new office in India. Dr. Jeetendra Verma joined as Country Manager and is responsible for developing business for Delacon in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. "In India, a new trend is seen in which both producers and consumers are concerned about food safety and the demand for antibiotic-free food products such as milk and meat is on continuous rise" says Dr. Verma. He adds: "I want to develop the upcoming trend of phytogenic feed additives and establish this new concept in India and neighbouring countries."


Country Manager with high expertise in poultry science and industry

Dr. Jeetendra Verma is DVM and PhD in Poultry Nutrition with specialization in mycotoxins. He started his career as Assistant Professor of Poultry Science in an Agriculture University in Central India. He moved to poultry industry in 1998 and has plenty of experience in feed marketing, feed additive business and veterinary health care products.

Before joining Delacon, Dr. Verma was General Manager with Elanco Animal Health looking after the regulatory and market access issues based at India. He has experience of working on food safety issues with international organizations like CODEX, FSSAI etc. Dr. Verma is based in Bangalore, India. He is married and has three children.




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