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Delacon launches Biostrong Forte for profitable poultry production under challenge conditions

A sound replacement of antibiotic growth promoters requires specially designed dedicated products for antibiotic-free applications. Delacon developed a new product, Biostrong® Forte, which combines beneficial Biostrong® 510 effects with short and medium chain fatty acids. Biostrong® Forte helps to fight the common intestinal challenges found in antibiotic-free production.

Upon its launch in 2000, Biostrong® 510 was the first phytogenic product range for poultry. The innovative formulation is based on in-depth knowledge, broad experience and extensive research. To the key advantages of Biostrong® 510, namely increased nutrient digestibility, improved feed efficiency and reduced noxious gas emission, Biostrong® Forte adds a complex of esterified fatty acids to control and reduce common critical intestinal health challenge periods in the bird’s life. Biostrong® Forte has been launched on the U.S. market. On a global scale, the product is in different stages of approval and therefore not yet available in all countries.


Fit chicks perform better: Improved intestinal health, lower mortality and better performance

Studies have shown that Biostrong® Forte significantly benefits broilers under typical intestinal challenges. It goes without saying that healthier broilers perform better. With Biostrong® Forte, on average the body weight increases by 2% while the feed conversion rate decreases 4%. Economic evaluations from research institute experiments and field trials show an average return on investment (ROI) for Biostrong® Forte of over 4:1, based on feed costs (including the costs for Biostrong Forte), and selling price of broilers.

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