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Emily Zhou joins the Delacon R&D team

Austria, August 26,2016. Agronomist Dr Emily Zhou (31) joins the Delacon team as R&D Manager Poultry & Immunology. She will support the team of Dr Andreas Mueller, Head of R&D, at the headquarters of Delacon Biotechnik GmbH in Steyregg. 

Zhou was born in 1985 in Chengdu, province Sichuan, China. She received a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from the Sichuan Agricultural University and a master’s degree in Animal Nutrition from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Moreover, she holds a PhD degree in Agricultural Sciences from the Justus-Liebig University in Gießen, Germany. Zhou: “At Delacon, I can introduce my experiences and technical knowledge to develop efficient and customized products that generate benefits for humans, animals and the environment.”


Delacon runs its own research center, the Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC) in Znaim, Czech Republic. Besides the collaboration with experts and scientists from independent institutions all around the globe, PNRC is used to examine the efficacy of phytogenic substances applied in animal feed. Animal health, food safety and emission reduction are central research purposes. Dr Andreas Mueller, Head of R&D: “We are combining the massive potential of nature with high-tech and proven methods to develop marketable products.”


Global success based on science

A global team of 120 employees at 17 locations are working at Delacon, 50 at the headquarters in Steyregg. As leading pioneer, Delacon invests 10 % of the annual turnover in R&D. Additionally, fundamental and market-based research at PNRC and the collaboration with experts and scientists from independent institutions are pivotal for Delacon’s innovations.


The product Fresta® F for swine was the first fully natural feed additive to receive a zootechnical registration from the European Commission. The authorization process is subject to strict criteria and is known as scientific gold standard. The authorization as zootechnical registration requires in-depth evaluation of the highest European audit authority, the Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


Delacon’s customers include manufacturers of pre-mixtures, mineral feeds and compound feeds from all over the world as well as large agricultural businesses that use Delacon products as admixtures to their livestock feeds. Delacon exports to about 80 countries; its main markets are Central and Eastern Europe, the USA, China, Japan and South Korea.

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