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Phytogenic feed additives combined with fatty acids show promising potential for antibiotic-free poultry production

Effects of Biostrong® Forte on animal microflora support antibiotic-free poultry production


Bangkok, March 15th, 2017. Driven by consumers and by legislation to implement antibiotic-free poultry production, poultry producers’ demand for phytogenic solutions is rising – aiming for a strong gut microflora, to keep animal performance high, also under challenging conditions. Biostrong® Forte was developed to combine the benefits of the phytogenic actives in Biostrong® 510 with the positive effects of esterified short and medium chain fatty acids on gut microflora in poultry. The demand for the product is currently booming in Asian countries. It is now available in most Asian Pacific countries.

For a long time, antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) have been used in broiler feed to enhance growth performance. This sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics as well as the excessive application of antibiotics to treat diseases has increased concerns about the development of antimicrobial resistance. Thus, research in alternatives like phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) has become prevalent to develop alternatives to in-feed antibiotics, as demanded by consumers and by legislation. In the United States, for instance, the sub-therapeutic use of medically important antibiotics for growth performance is no longer allowed since 2017.

When it comes to antibiotic-free poultry production, nutritionists, veterinarians and animal producers often pursue a diet composition including phytogenic feed additives in order to support the intestinal health of the animal. The wide range of modes of action of phytogenic actives can optimize nutrient digestibility and support the intestinal health.

Beneficial combination of phytogenics and fatty acids

Biostrong® Forte was developed to combine the benefits of phytogenic actives in Biostrong® 510 with the positive effects of esterified short and medium chain fatty acids on gut microflora. The herbs, spices, bitter substances, pungent substances and essential oils have shown to improve nutrient digestibility by e.g. increasing the secretion and activity of digestive enzymes and juices. Essential oils support gut health by providing anti-oxidative effects, and inhibiting quorum sensing. To this wide range of modes of action, the combination with esterified short and medium chain fatty acids provides an additional value, as they strengthen the microbial ecosystem. The combination in Biostrong® Forte releases synergistic effects on the microbial ecosystem in the gut while supporting digestibility and intestinal health.

High performance under challenging conditions

Studies have shown that under challenging conditions, the application of Biostrong® Forte improves feed conversion ratio (-4,4 %) and body weight (+3,5 %). In addition, it improves resilience against necrotic enteritis, increases livability and profitability of poultry production. Thus, nutritional strategies for antibiotic-free poultry production may include reliable, proven PFAs, such as Biostrong® Forte.

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