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  • Gina Medina and Preecha Sapkitjakarn with project collaborators for the Green Egg activities. Together, they brought egg benefits close to people worldwide. © Delacon

  • Gina Medina, Sales Group Leader Asia and Preecha Sapkitjakarn, Key Account Manager Thailand and RSM South East Asia. © Delacon

  • About 15,000 eggs were given for free to students and parents. © Delacon

Delacon, 11.10.2017
Green Egg Campaign: Raising awareness of eggs as a precious protein source in Southeast Asia


The Green Egg Campaign was first introduced during the government Nutrition Month celebration in the Philippines last July 2017. Now in Vietnam, the goals remain the same: First, to increase consumer awareness of eggs as a valuable source of protein. Second, to strengthen and support the local poultry layer industry and third, increase egg consumption. The egg consumption per capita in the Philippines and Vietnam is still considered low compared with other countries in Southeast Asia.


“There is a global need for feeding the world with safe and sustainable food. We encourage farmers to be AGP-free by using sustainable and natural alternatives, such as phytogenic feed additives,” says Gina Medina, Delacon Sales Group Leader Asia. Numerous studies around the globe show that phytogenic feed additives have the power to improve feed conversion, increase laying rate, enhance egg weight and egg mass, as well as to reduce the carbon footprint.

Layer farms and schools are Delacon’s project collaborators in the Green Egg Campaign. Together, they promote the goodness of eggs and related aspects: From eggs being an affordable and resource-friendly protein source, right up to making sure that the laying hen is healthy and fed with natural ingredients. These activities help to increase the current reputation of eating eggs and thus, increase egg consumption.


Because of the great success of the activities in the Philippines and Vietnam, more events are planned and will take place soon in other countries.



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