Phytogenics in poultry


Modern poultry production is a highly sophisticated process. Its success depends strongly on adequate housing management and proper feeding regimes.


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Phytogenics in poultry

Naturally strong for every challenge


Although it is an important aspect, today’s state-of-the art poultry production contains more than improving feed conversion ratio or laying rate. Farmers are confronted with the challenge of consumer pressure to enhance animal welfare, while simultaneously striving for increased performance. Enhancing egg mass and egg quality for layers, improving growth rates in broilers even under challenge conditions and producing safe and high quality meat without the use of antibiotic growth promoters are major concerns of the industry. Producers have to manage the balancing act of channeling resources in poultry health while keeping the production processes profitable.


Even under high quality conditions a further optimization of livestock production is possible by using phytogenic feed additives. On the search for performance enhancers offside antibiotic growth promoters, poultry production systems can significantly benefit from phytogenic feed additives by reducing production losses and optimizing feed efficiency.


Phytogenics in poultry

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The key solution for a profitable and safe poultry production

BIOSTRONG® ensures a safe and natural way to boost the performance of laying hens and broilers as well as turkeys and ducks: The phytogenic substances and micro-encapsulated essential oils in BIOSTRONG® 510 improve nutrient digestibility and retention. With BIOSTRONG® FORTE Delacon provides a second phytogenic feed additive for poultry, which additionally contains esterified short and medium chain fatty acids and is aligned to poultry production under challenging conditions. Supplementing broiler and turkey diets with BIOSTRONG® PROTECT from the first day of life can help the bird throughout the most critical stages of production – thus it contributes to overall profitability.




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