Enhancing the gut microflora for top poultry performance

  • Control of microbial ecosystem in the GIT
  • Improves intestinal integrity
  • Improves digestibility and FCR
  • Reduces stress and inflammation



BIOSTRONG® FORTE is a new Delacon solution within the BIOSTRONG® product line. It combines the beneficial effects of BIOSTRONG® 510 with the positive effects of esterified short and medium chain fatty acids on the microbial ecosystem in the gut.

Enteric health of growing poultry is imperative to success of production

(Hafez, 2012)

For years, strategies to support intestinal health have become increasingly important in poultry production, especially since the ban on antimicrobial growth promoters. Today, several nutritional strategies are known, focusing on dietary energy source, protein content, feed structure and the inclusion of feed additives like BIOSTRONG® FORTE.

BIOSTRONG® FORTE is designed to control the microbial ecosystem in the gastro intestinal tract and to improve feed efficiency and thus, enhancing livability and increasing weight gain. At the same time, BIOSTRONG® FORTE ensures a safe and sustainable poultry production without leaving residues in the final animal-derived product.



Product benefits

  • Supports intestinal health
  • Enhances livability
  • Supports the animals during challenging periods, e.g., heat stress
  • Increases nutrient digestibility
  • Improves feed conversion ratio
  • Increases body weight and egg mass
  • Reduces environmental emissions (NH3, CO2-eq)

Product application

Feeding directions broiler:
BIOSTRONG® FORTE 750 g/MT at least till day 28, followed by BIOSTRONG® 510 (150 g/MT)


Feeding directions turkeys:
BIOSTRONG® FORTE 750 g/MT for the first 6-8 weeks, followed by BIOSTRONG® 510 (150 g/MT)


For other poultry please contact your Delacon sales person!

Product Portfolio

  • Delacon BIOSTRONG® 510

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