More milk, more meat, more profit

  • Improves protein efficiency
  • Increases performance in dairy cows
  • Improves protein content in milk
  • Decreases urea content in milk
  • Decreases methane emissions
  • Reduces feed costs

Boosting feed efficiency in ruminants

Within the ACTIFOR® product line, ACTIFOR® PRO is THE phytogenic solution for a profitable ruminant production by increasing feed efficiency. ACTIFOR® PRO enhances protein efficiency in the ruminant gastro intestinal tract, showing major impact on milk production in dairy cows and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thus feed efficiency in ruminants is boosted in a natural and safe way.



How does ACTIFOR® PRO work?

As a holistic solution, ACTIFOR® PRO shows positive effects in various sections of the digestive tract: An increase of saliva production in the mouth and an enhanced fiber degradation in combination with the production of volatile fatty acids in the rumen contribute to an improved energy and protein efficiency ratio. Moreover, the natural ingredients of ACTIFOR® PRO positively influence the protein digestibility and absorption in the small intestine. By increasing the proportion of metabolizable bypass protein and microbial protein, the share of indigestible protein is minimized. Consequently, ACTIFOR® PRO lowers ammonia concentration and mitigates methane production.


Thus, by optimizing protein and feed efficiency in ruminants ACTIFOR® PRO improves average daily weight gain in dairy cows after the peak of lactation and improves the milk quality by raising its protein content whilst simultaneously decreasing urea concentration. ACTIFOR® PRO is used also in beef cattle and heifers to improve average daily gain and muscle deposition as well as feed efficiency.


Improved feed efficiency in ruminants

Product application

ACTIFOR® PRO can be applied “on-top” in the feed ration without changing the diet. Alternatively, ACTIFOR® PRO can be applied according to our PERFORMIZER® concept, using nutritional matrix values to reduce feed costs by optimizing the total mixed ration. For organic farms, we offer ACTIFOR® PRO OFC with the same effects and the same dosage.


General dosage recommendation:

  • 20-30 g/day in dairy cows depending on milk yield
  • 10-30 g/day in beef cattle and heifers, depending on weight
  • 5 g/day in ewes and goats
  • 3-5 g/day in lambs

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