Improving weight gain and
digestive functions in calves

  • Improves average daily gain
  • Improves digestive functions in calves
  • Optimizes feces consistency
  • Reduces water losses
  • Enhances robustness

Accelerating growth by supporting digestive functions in calves and boosts profitability

To complete the product range for ruminants, Delacon provides natural solutions precisely developed for the special needs of young animals. The aim of our phytogenic feed additive ACTIFOR® START is to improve concentrate intake and stabilizing overall digestive functions in calves for rearing and veal calves.



How does ACTIFOR® START work?

ACTIFOR® START positively influences daily weight gain by improving milk and concentrate intake and prevents diarrhea, one of the most important challenges in calve production. Due to the galactomannan and essential oil content of ACTIFOR® START, this phytogenic feed additive has positive impact on microflora of calves. Furthermore, the pungent substances stimulate the antioxidant system. Finally, ACTIFOR® START reduces water losses, improves feces consistency and support gut function. The essential oils in ACTIFOR® START cause a high palatability of calf milk replacers, thus improving feed intake, which results in high daily gains.


Young animals will benefit from a broad spectrum of key advantages: ACTIFOR® START, their digestive functions in calves and also improves feed efficiency by an increased feed intake and average daily gain.


ACTIFOR® START is soluble for inclusion into milk or calf milk replacer and can be applied in the starter feed without changing the diet. 


Digestive functions in calves

Product application

General dose recommendation:

  • 1.5kg/Mt of Calf Milk Replacer in rearing calves
    or 1 g/day/head in raw milk
  • 1.5kg/MT of Calf Milk Replacer in veal calves until the age of 2 months
    or 1 g/day/head in raw milk
  • 0.75kg/MT of Calf Milk Replacer in veal calves from the age of 2 months
    until slaughter or 2 g/day/head in raw milk
  • 2 kg/T of starter feed

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