Take a deep breath!

  • Improves respiratory functions of calves
  • Improves average daily weight gain
  • Enhances robustness
  • Optimizes microflora in the small intestine
  • Improves palatability of calf milk replacer

Natural support for digestive and respiratory functions of calves

To complete the product range for ruminants, Delacon provides a phytogenic solution developed for the special needs of young animals. The aim of ACTIFOR® PROTECT is to support overall health status, and to improve digestive and respiratory functions of calves for rearing as well as in veal calves.



How does ACTIFOR® PROTECT work?

Similar to ACTIFOR® STARTACTIFOR® PROTECT has a positive impact on daily weight gain by improving the milk and concentrate intake. Moreover, ACTIFOR® PROTECT is powerful in stabilizing respiratory functions of calves as well as their digestive functions and improves feces consistency. With an association between essential oils, and saponins, ACTIFOR® PROTECT supports the resilience against pathogenic bacteria and virus, dilates bronchia, increases the clearance and has a strong antitussive effect.


Due to the galactomannan and essential oil content of ACTIFOR® PROTECT, this phytogenic feed additive for calves does positively influence the microflora in the small intestine. ACTIFOR® PROTECT reduces water losses, improves feces consistency and supports gut function. Furthermore, the pungent substances stimulate the antioxidant system, whereat the essential oils in ACTIFOR® PROTECT was tested to improve the palatability of calf milk replacer.


Calves will benefit from a broad spectrum of key advantages: Besides the beneficial influence on the respiratory function in calves, ACTIFOR® PROTECT supports digestive performance and improves feed efficiency by stimulating feed intake and average daily gain.


Respiratory functions of calves

Product application

ACTIFOR® PROTECT is soluble for inclusion into milk or calf milk replacer and can be applied in the starter feed without changing the diet. 


General dose recommendation:

  • 3.0 kg/Mt of Calf Milk Replacer in rearing calves
    or 2 g/day/head in raw milk
  • 3.0 kg/MT of Calf Milk Replacer in veal calves until the age of 2 months
    or 2 g/day/head in raw milk
  • 0.75 kg/MT of Calf Milk Replacer in veal calves from the age of 2 months until slaughter or 4 g/day/head in raw milk
  • 4 kg/T of starter feed

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