Delacon RUMEX

Phytogenic boost for naturally improved performance

  • Increases feed intake and performance
  • Improves fiber, fat and protein digestibility
  • Increases protein and energy efficiency
  • Enhances metabolic functions


RUMEX is a phytogenic product line for enhancing efficiency in ruminant production. With RUMEX you trust in innovative solutions, proven to upgrade performance in a natural way and aligned to the nutritional needs of ruminants.


In dairy cows, optimized husbandry and feeding conditions contribute to a profitable production. Next to diseases and animal welfare issues, losses in performance are often attributed to low feed intake, weight loss post-partum, low lactation persistence and poor reproductive performance.


The RUMEX product range, all-through phytogenic, is comprised of high quality, proven active ingredients and adjusted to the complex digestive and metabolic system of ruminants. As all our phytogenic products, the RUMEX line ensures a safe, effective and sustainable production without leaving residues in meat or milk.

Enhancing performance and profitability in dairy cows, beef cattle and small ruminants

Innovative compositions of active substances, like different types of essential oils, were selected to promote the production of bacterial volatile fatty acids and to decrease the degradation rate of nonstructural carbohydrates in the rumen.


Additionally, saponins that are proven to reduce ammonia production and increase the supply of volatile fatty acids are included into the RUMEX line.



Product benefits

  • Improves palatability and feed intake
  • Increases performance
  • Improves digestibility of ingredients
  • Prevents metabolic imbalances in early lactation ( e.g., ketosis, fatty liver)
  • Enhances milk production, body score and fertility
  • Reduces greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions

Product application

RUMEX is applied “on top” in the feed ration without changing the diet.


General dosage recommendation:

  • 5 g/day in dairy cows, per head
  • 1 g/day in beef cattle, per 100kg of body weight
  • 1 g/day in ewes and goats, per head
  • 0.8 g/day in lambs, per head

Product Portfolio

  • Delacon ACTIFOR® PRO

  • Delacon ACTIFOR® BOOST

  • Delacon ACTIFOR® POWER

  • Delacon ACTIFOR® START

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