Natural power for calves:
Accelerating growth rate and boosting profitability

  • Improves milk intake
  • Increases average daily gain
  • Improves digestive functions
  • Strengthens immune system


ACTIFOR® is the phytogenic solution for improved feed efficiency in ruminants. With ACTIFOR® you trust in a highly innovative and natural product range. Besides the main benefits of the product line - an increase in performance, reduction of feed costs (PERFORMIZER® concept), and a remarkable ROI - ACTIFOR® START improves intestinal motility and stimulates enzyme production to improve feed efficiency.


The ACTIFOR® product line for ruminants has been developed to improve efficiency, performance and health likewise, resulting in higher productivity and profitability. Moreover, our phytogenic feed additives ensure a safe, effective and sustainable production without leaving residues in meat or milk.


ACTIFOR® START positively influences the overall health status as well as digestive functions in calves. Moreover, by improving the milk and concentrate intake in young animals ACTIFOR® START increases their average daily gain with a best feed efficiency.

Improving daily weight gain and digestive functions in calves

The ACTIFOR® product range solely contains natural substances like essential oils, saponins and pungent substances among others. Highly active components are selected carefully, hence being optimally aligned to the needs of ruminants.


ACTIFOR® START has positive effects on the reduction of pathogenic bacteria and their adhesion in the small intestine. It is also effective in stimulating the antioxidant system and in reducing inflammatory consequences. In the end this product reduces water losses and restores gut health.


Product benefits

  • Improves milk intake and concentrate intake 
  • Increases average daily gain to up to 5-10%
  • Increased feed efficiency to up to 2-5% 
  • Improves digestive functions and feces consistency
  • Improves immune system and antioxidative capacity

Product application

ACTIFOR® START is soluble for inclusion into milk or calf milk replacer and can be applied “on-top” in the feed ration without changing the diet. Alternatively, all ACTIFOR® products can be applied according to our PERFORMIZER® concept, using nutritional matrix values to reduce feed costs by optimizing the total mixed ration.


General dose recommendation:

  • 1.5kg/Mt of CMR in rearing calves or 1g/day/head 
  • 1.5kg/MT of CMR in veal calves until the age of 2 months or 1g/day/head
  • 0.75kg/MT of CMR in veal calves from the age of 2 months until slaughter or 2g/day/head

Product Portfolio

  • Delacon ACTIFOR® PRO

  • Delacon ACTIFOR® BOOST

  • Delacon ACTIFOR® POWER

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