Sustainable pig production
powered by nature

  • Improves feed intake & FCR
  • Enhances nutrient utilization
  • Supports intestinal health
  • Reduces GHG emissions


FRESTA® is a phytogenic solution for maximum performance in pig production. With FRESTA® F PLUS you trust in a well-established, safe and effective product. Additionally, you benefit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and thus, an improved barn air quality with this all-natural product. 


Pig production faces many challenges, mainly due to market pressure, diseases, environmental conditions and other constraints, which have a direct impact on pigs’ feed formulations throughout their lives. Moreover, optimized feed efficiency – meaning highest productivity with the lowest possible feed costs – is the basis for profitable pig production.


Feed intake is a major challenge with regards to piglets as well as sows during lactation. Maximum feed intake is important for young pigs in order to support the development of the intestinal tract and, consequently, their later performance. In addition to feed intake, nutrient digestibility and antioxidant properties are crucial in these critical periods. The main objective with regards to sows is to increase the milk yield and quality as well as to maximize litter weight gain, while keeping the sow in good body condition for further parities.


Naturally and sustainably enhancing the performance of piglets, sows and growing-finishing pigs

FRESTA® F PLUS is an all-natural feed additive, fully using synergistic effects of different groups of active substances. It is based on FRESTA® F, the first pure phytogenic product with an EU registration as zootechnical feed additive, and hence, combines carefully selected phytogenic substances like essential oils, herbs, spices, mucilages, flavonoids and additional saponins.


Moreover, Delacon is proud to provide FRESTA® F PLUS OFC, which is certified by Austria Bio Garantie. The certification by this independent control authority gives proof that our phytogenic feed additive meets highest standards of organic farming.


All ingredients of the product have been perfectly aligned to the needs of pigs in their respective life phases. Delacon's phytogenic feed additives ensure a safe and sustainable production, and completely replace antibiotic growth promoters, thus providing residue-free end products.



Product benefits

  • Increases feed intake
  • Improves nutrient utilization
  • Supports intestinal health
  • Improves feed conversion rate
  • Improves reproductive performance in sows
  • Increases growth performance, including piglet weight gain
  • Increases stress tolerance (e.g., in heat stress) and vitality
  • Reduces environmental emissions (esp. ammonia)

Product application

FRESTA® F PLUS is applied “on-top” in the feed ration.


General dosage recommendation:
250-400 g/MT in pig feed - dosage depending on animal category and production objective

Product Portfolio

  • Delacon FRESTA® F

  • Delacon AROMEX® ME

  • Delacon AROMEX® PRO

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