Growing-finishing pigs: Because big is beautiful


Improving feed conversion
in swine production


AROMEX® is a phytogenic solution for best results in fattening pigs. In pig fattening, feed efficiency means obtaining highest growth rates and daily gain while keeping feed costs as low as possible. The product line of AROMEX® is developed to directly address these challenges in order to optimize your growing-finishing production, leading to optimized feed conversion and profitability at its best. 


Improved feed efficiency, low medication costs due to an improved health status of the animals, and an overall enhanced performance lead to increased profitability – the key driver of efficient pig production. In order to realize the full growth potential of fattening pigs, they need optimal nutrient supply adjusted to their respective phase of life. The combination of active ingredients in AROMEX® improves feed conversion in swine. Optimized utilization and retention of dietary energy and protein supplies result in increased growth and thus in maximum profitability. Moreover, our phytogenic feed additives contribute to an improved barn air quality by reducing undesired ammonia emissions arising in the course of the fattening period.


In short, the phytogenic concept of AROMEX® provides safe and sustainable solutions for a profitable pig production by boosting feed efficiency in swine without leaving residues in meat.



Feed conversion in swine
ProductAspirationTarget animalMode of ActionAdditional benefits
AROMEX® ME Increased daily weight gain Fattening pigs Facilitated nutrient uptake
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Reduced feed costs
Reduced environmental emissions Fattening pigs Increased nitrogen absorption
  • Increased performance
  • Supported animal health

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