Natural growth promoters for fattening pigs

  • Supports digestion and absorption
  • Reduces microbial pathogenicity
  • Supports stress tolerance
  • Improves growth performance

Enhancing performance in growing-finishing pigs

This plant derived feed additive is precisely adapted to the needs of fattening pigs throughout their entire lives and comprise high quality, proven active ingredients to boost the performance of swine production. As a natural growth promoter, AROMEX® ME is powerful in increasing daily weight gain by improving palatability and enhancing nutrient utilization.



How does AROMEX® ME work?

The special composition of selected essential oils and their various active substances show synergistic effects and influence the animals’ metabolism in several ways: essential oils of AROMEX® ME stimulate the intestine and its related glands like liver and pancreas to trigger the production of digestive juices, bile acids and enzymes. Consequently, the breakdown of nutrients as well as their absorption is facilitated due to a slower passage of digesta, which results in a measurable improvement of daily weight gain. Moreover, their aromatic compounds have an appetizing effect further stimulating feed intake and positively influencing the anti-oxidant status of the animals.


AROMEX® ME is powerful in enhancing the performance of fattening pigs: It improves feed efficiency and growth performance, increases stress tolerance and supports digestion and absorption of nutrients and thus promotes growth in a natural way. All together AROMEX® ME contributes significantly to a profitable and effective swine production.


Natural growth promoters for grower finishers

Product application

Delacon is proud to provide AROMEX® ME OFC, which is certified by Austria Bio Garantie according to European organic feed legislation. The certification by this independent control authority gives proof that our phytogenic feed additive meets highest standards of organic farming.


AROMEX® ME is applied “on-top” in the feed ration.


General dosage recommendation:

100 g/MT in pig feed

Further information


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