Causes more performance and less ammonia

  • Improves nutrient digestibility
  • Optimizes nitrogen balance
  • Reduces ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhances body weight gain
  • Improves feed conversion ratio

Enhancing performance and reducing emissions in growing finished pigs 

Basing on the sophisticated formulation of AROMEX® ME out of various plant-derived essential oils, AROMEX® PRO positively influences feed intake and palatability and thus performance of fattening pigs. In addition, saponins in this phytogenic feed additive significantly reduce ammonia emissions, leading to a better health status of animals as well as to sustainably reduced environmental impact.



How does AROMEX® PRO work?

The combination of active ingredients in AROMEX® PRO enhances the utilization and retention of dietary energy and protein supplies, resulting in increased growth in fattening pigs, and thus, in maximum profitability. In addition to its main components of essential oils, AROMEX® PRO contains a sophisticated selection of diverse saponins lowering the ammonia production by increasing the nitrogen absorption and inhibiting urease enzymes. A reduced ammonia emission positively influences the respiratory epithelium and support animals’ resilience against diseases. 


AROMEX® PRO is the holistic solution to optimize performance of fattening pigs, profitability in pig production and to reduce ammonia emissions. With this high quality phytogenic feed additive Delacon provides a tool to support several benefits: improved growing-finishing performance, increased profitability and reduced environmental pollution.



Aromex Pro

Product application

AROMEX® PRO can be applied either “on-top” in the feed ration or with our PERFORMIZER® concept, applying nutritional matrix values for AROMEX® PRO in least cost formulation in order to directly reduce the overall feed price.


Moreover, Delacon is proud to provide AROMEX® PRO OFC, which is certified by Austria Bio Garantie according to European organic feed legislation. The certification by this independent control authority gives proof that our phytogenic feed additive meets highest standards of organic farming. 


General dosage recommendation:
100 g/MT in pig feed

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