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Improving swine performance


FRESTA® is a phytogenic solution for maximum performance in pig production. Within this product line Delacon provides high quality products tailored to the needs of sows and piglets. The plant-derived feed additives of FRESTA® will boost your profitability in swine production, as they support intestinal integrity and stress tolerance of your target animals: Consequently, the stimulation of sow feed intake increases litter size and weight, supports fertility and shortens the reproduction cycles of sows, whereas piglets benefit from an optimized growth performance and decreased mortality.


A new era with FRESTA® F –
its efficacy in swine production is tested and proven

With FRESTA® F you trust in a well-established, safe and effective product. Its positive impact on swine performance has also been confirmed by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) & European Union, as the product is the first and only purely phytogenic product that obtained an EU registration as a zootechnical feed additive for weaned piglets. In addition, a further goal of FRESTA® F Plus is to reduce ammonia emissions affecting both animal health and the environment.


Pig production faces many challenges, mainly due to market pressure, diseases, environmental conditions and other constraints, which have a direct impact on pig feed formulations. Moreover, optimized feed efficiency – meaning highest productivity with the lowest possible feed costs – is the basis for profitable pig production. FRESTA® F and FRESTA® F Plus are powerful tools to master these challenges and improve swine performance.


Feed intake is a major challenge with regards to piglets as well as sows during lactation. Maximum feed intake is important for young pigs in order to support the development of the intestinal tract and, consequently, their later performance throughout growing and finishing. In addition to feed intake, high nutrient digestibility and intestinal health are crucial in these critical periods. The main objective with regards to sows is to increase milk yield and quality as well as to maximize litter weight gain, while keeping the sow in good body condition for further parities.



The effective solution: FRESTA® PROTECT- the full phytogenic protector for weaning piglets

The weaning period is a big challenge not only for the piglet but also for the farmer: At weaning the digestive tract and immune system of young piglets are not sufficiently developed to cope with upcoming challenges. This often leads to intestinal diseases like post-weaning diarrhea (PWD). Losses in growth performance and medication to treat diarrhea result in monetary losses for the pig producer.

In contrast, antibiotic-free pig production is more and more demanded by consumers and legislation. With FRESTA® PROTECT Delacon developed a full phytogenic solution which stabilizes the feed intake in the post-weaning phase. The pure, plant-based FRESTA® PROTECT supports the piglet to stay in good condition in the post-weaning phase.


FRESTA® PROTECT helps the farmer to overcome the challenging weaning period in a natural way.




Natural boost in swine performance
ProductAspirationTarget animalMode of ActionAdditional benefits
FRESTA® F Increased feed intake in piglets and sows during lactation
  • Sows
  • Piglets
Enhanced palatability
  • Increased milk production
  • Increased daily gain
Increased feed intake in piglets and sows during lactation with consideration of environmental aspects
  • Sows
  • Piglets
Enhanced palatability
  • Increased feed intake


Protection of piglets from weaning challenges

  • Piglets
Enhanced palatability especially post-weaning
  • Maintains feed intake in the post-weaning phase

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