The phytogenic performance
enhancer in pig production

  • Increases litter size and weight
  • Enhances feed intake
  • Reduces body weight loss of sows after weaning
  • Optimizes growth performance in piglets
  • Supports stress tolerance

Improving feed conversion in piglets and sows

Delacon is proud of having developed this phytogenic feed additive for the special needs of piglets and sows, since it is the first EU approved phytogenic zootechnical feed additive. This means that highest independent authorities confirmed the improvements of FRESTA® F in terms of growth rate and feed efficiency of weaned piglets. This natural product stimulates appetite and feed conversion in piglets and sows – it improves digestion and supports development of the digestive tract of newborn piglets.



How does FRESTA® F work?

The natural ingredients of FRESTA® F have a holistic effect on the physiology of sows and piglets: Essential oils in FRESTA® F do not only positively affect feed intake due to their aromatic components, but along with flavonoids cause an enhancement of the animals’ anti-oxidant status by increasing enzyme production and positively influence inflammation processes. Moreover, mucilages support integrity of the intestinal epithelium and thus balancing the microbial population in the digestive tract. 


FRESTA® F is effective in overall swine production: It contributes to an optimized and profitable swine production by supporting piglets’ development through increasing their feed intake and daily gain and simultaneously improving feed conversion in piglets. Sows benefit from increased feed intake and milk production during lactation which ultimately improves litter performance.


Improving feed conversion in piglets

Product application

Delacon is proud to provide FRESTA® F OFC, which is certified by Austria
Bio Garantie according to European organic feed legislation. The certification by this independent control authority gives proof that our phytogenic feed additive meets highest standards of organic farming.


FRESTA® F is applied “on-top” in the feed ration.


General dosage recommendation:
250-400 g/MT in pig feed - dosage depending on animal category and production objective

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