A holisitic approach of phytogenics for pigs

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhances nutrient utilization
  • enhances vitality and decreases mortality in piglets
  • Improves feed intake & feed conversion
  • Supports intestinal integrity

Sustainable pig production powered by nature

With FRESTA® F Plus Delacon goes one step further and brings together all benefits provided by FRESTA® F, our phytogenics for pigs, with a significant reduction of environmental emissions. Thus FRESTA® F Plus combines all key points that are essential in Delacon’s vision: this phytogenic feed additive has positive impact on target animal, production costs, consumers and the environment, representing a holistic phytogenic solution for pigs.



How does FRESTA® F Plus work? 

FRESTA® F Plus increase your profit due to a wide range of key advantages: In a similar way like FRESTA® F, it is potent to increase feed intake and to support intestinal integrity. Hence, the composition of natural ingredients directly optimizes feed conversion ratio and improves reproductive performance in sows. A sophisticated formulation of saponins further increases nutrient uptake and utilization while simultaneously diminishing the production and emission of ammonia.


FRESTA® F Plus as a specialized composition of phytogenics for pigs is highly efficient due to using synergistic effects of various groups of active substances like essential oils, herbs, spices, mucilages, flavonoids and saponins. It is effective in both sows and piglets.


Phytogenics in pigs

Product application

Delacon is proud to provide FRESTA® F Plus OFC, which is certified by Austria Bio Garantie according to European organic feed legislation. The certification by this independent control authority gives proof that our phytogenic feed additive meets highest standards of organic farming.


FRESTA® F Plus is applied “on-top” in the feed ration.


General dosage recommendation:
250-400 g/MT in pig feed - dosage depending on animal category and production objective

Further information


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