FRESTA®  Protect

Protect your piglets from weaning challenges

  • Enhances palatability and feed intake during the post-weaning phase
  • Supports the piglet to stay in good condition
  • A highly reliable phytogenic solution based on quality and science

One of the PIGgest challenges: PWD


Weaning is a stressful period for young piglets, often accompanied by reduced resilience to intestinal diseases like post-weaning diarrhea (PWD). Particularly a reduction in feed intake post-weaning is seen as a precursor for subsequent issues. PWD is of major concern in pig production, leading not only to a loss of profit due lower performance, but being the major reason for medical treatments in the post-weaning phase. At the same time, the global aim is to reduce medical treatments in pig production, due to the rise in antimicrobial resistance. Furthermore, consumers of today demand safe, natural and healthy animal-derived products.

With FRESTA® PROTECT, Delacon developed a full phytogenic solution which stabilizes feed intake in the post-weaning phase.


How does FRESTA® PROTECT work?

The combination of carefully selected phytogenic substances such as flavonoids, essential oils and mucilages of FRESTA® PROTECT has specific flavouring properties which increases palatability of post-weaning diets. As a result, it supports post-weaning feed intake and therefore, helps keeping piglets in optimal condition.


Supplementing post-weaning diets with FRESTA® PROTECT contributes to overall profitability in pig production. Our scientific studies have shown an increase in feed intake and overall piglet performance, while at the same time we observed a reduced incidence of PWD.



weaning challenges piglets

Product application

FRESTA® PROTECT is applied “on-top” in post-weaning diets

General dosage recommendation:
Post-weaning piglets:
1 kg/mt (or 2 lb/t) feed
(use for minimum 2 weeks post-weaning)


Further information


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