Performing Nature Research Center


Our fully-owned research center


The Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC) represents one of the largest industry-owned state-of-the-art trial sites, guaranteeing most accurate and safe research studies under controlled conditions. The facility includes broiler and layer sections, climatic chambers for poultry, pigs and small ruminants and a unique computer controlled, automated feeding and watering system.


We designed PNRC to specifically fulfill all our strict research requirements and thus, providing us with precise, reproducible research trials and speed up development.


Issues on digestion, growth improvement, disease prevention and emission reduction constitute the focus of the research center, hence allowing us to provide innovative and cost-efficient phytogenic solutions with regards to the challenges in animal nutrition and production. We possess longstanding knowledge and experience to understand the complex field of phytogenics. Optimal application makes them unfold their full potential in high quality products for swine, poultry and ruminants.


The following topics represent the main focus of our research at PNRC:


  • Conduct of basic research into mechanisms by which phytogenic additives improve feed palatability, nutrient digestibility, animal performance and general health
  • Research into phytogenic products which reduce the environmental impact of animal nutrition
  • Product development and research with regard to specific health problems as well as research into health-preventive products
  • Basic research into the mode of action of new phytogenic substances (compounds)
Delacons latest state-of-the-art science research center broiler section
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