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Based on our core values excellence, innovation and sustainablity, Delacon dedicates itself to research and develpoment. For us, this does not end with trials and publishing papers, we want to share our resultes and ideas with others as well. This is the reason why we regularly host our own scientific conference, the Performing Nature Symposium.


As the world leader in phytogenic feed additives, Delacon obtains a global network of highly sophisticated experts, economists and scientists in the field of livestock production.

During the symposium new results in science and economy are shared during lectures, discussions and workshops. Each conference is completed by excellent social networking opportunities and extraordinary side events.


Plan A - efficiency and safety in animal nutrition


From April 7-9 2014, Delacon hosted its 3rd edition of the renown Performing Nature Symposium, featuring more than 350 guests, including customers, distributors, leading scientists, economists and industry leaders of the feed sector to discuss current and future challenges and share innovative approaches as well as best practice experiences as part of its ground breaking and highly anticipated "Plan A - efficiency and safety in animal nutrition".


 Delacon Performing Nature Symposium Bangkok       


For two days the famous Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok, Thailand was the venue of Delacon´s top-class expert meeting, where feed and food producers, integrators, nutrition scientists, worldwide distributors and research partners participated in an outstanding and analytical exchange about new, sustainable strategies as well as animal health issues in livestock production with professionals and scientists from the economy and research institutions across the world. The program finally was topped-off with a selection of social events that conveyed a sense of Thailand's culture and arts.


Following the scientific program of the Performing Nature Symposium 2014 in Thailand, our guests participated in a very special activity: Tree planting in order to celebrate the wealth of nature. Together with the Baan Lan Kha Community and the PATT (Plant A Tree Today) foundation Delacon organized the sustainable reforestation project.


Delacon tree planting

Plan A illustrated in impressive ways, that there is no choice when facing rising feed costs, antibiotic resistance, animal welfare, food safety and environmental concerns but daring to innovatively meet those challenges, and make sustainable decision for profitable business as well as for future generations. 

An abundance of congratulations and positive feedbacks on site and during the last days confirmed that this first-class symposium met the high set expectations of all participants! Therefore Delacon proudly looks back and wants to express its gratitude to everyone who contributed to this successful event!


Performing Nature Symposium review



Delacon Performing Nature Symposium 2014 Bangkok Thailand

Trends in animal production and nutrition, immunity and environment


After the great success of Delacon´s first symposium, the Performing Nature Symposium 2009 focused on "Trends in animal production and nutrition, immunity and environment”.

250 guests from 25 countries attended this top-class event and had the chance to participate in discussions, workshops and lectures with excellent speakers from around the world.

The two-day scientific program focused on animal health and optimized nutrition as well as on environmentally friendly livestock production. In this context, DELACON introduced the concept of life cycle assessment (LCA) for feed additives to the audience, calculating the carbon footprint of a product for the first time. The LCA concept, and within it the reduction of the carbon footprint throughout the entire value chain, became a leading guideline in our product development ever since.

In the face of upcoming regulatory changes in many countries, the issue of antibiotics in animal nutrition and their possible replacement initiated lively discussions at the Performing Nature Symposium 2009. Following this interest of the participants, Delacon subsequently has taken up the topic of antibiotic growth promoters and natural alternatives in R&D as well as in communication.

The Performing Nature Symposium in Crete was rounded up by a splendid cultural program in a traditional Greek atmosphere.


Performing Nature Symposium 2009 Crete

Performing of nature


In 2006, the Europeen Union completely banned the use of antibiotic growth promoters in animal nutrition and thus, provided Delacon the main topic for its first Performing Nature Symposium in Vienna, Austria, in 2006. 


It was time for new solutions and Delacon, as pioneer in phytogenics, took this oportunity to gather around 200 experts from more than 20 countries to join the symposium.

The discussions about latest trends on efficiency and sustainablity in animal nutrition strongly influenced Delacon´s strategy for the following years.


The high appreciation of the guests induced Delacon to prospectively organize the Performing Nature Symposium on a larger scale.


Performing Nature Symposium 2006 Vienna
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