Antibiotic-free animal nutrition: Phytogenic feed additives for livestock production on the rise


While in Europe meat consumption stagnates, the demand is significantly increasing in other regions. For example, the booming Asian countries are currently establishing animal protein as an integral part of the daily diet. "The better feed conversion is a key solution to meet increasing demands for high quality animal proteins," explains Delacon's CEO Markus Dedl. By ensuring optimal nutrient digestibility, Delacon's phytogenic feed additives are developed to enhance the performance, thereby reducing feed costs.


Phytogenics achieve the gold-standard in the feed-industry



Phytogenics are a group of natural substances solely derived from herbs, spices, or other plants and their extracts. Those substances, already present in small amounts, are surprisingly powerful if you know how to perfectly blend and process them. They show wider effectiveness in animal nutrition than any synthetic substance. This advantage is based on the synergistic effects of all agents within a plant – hence, not reducing the effects to a single lead substance alone. This natural synergy, when grouped with sustainability and safety, is what makes phytogenics a top solution platform in animal nutrition.

To date only one pure plant-derived feed additive has received the zootechnical registration by the European Union, and this is Delacon's product for piglets, Fresta® F. This is seen as the scientific ‘gold standard’ in the feed industry, because in the course of strict approval processes, not only the safety but also the efficacy of the product as growth promoter has been officially confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority.

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Enhanced Performance and optimized feed formulation for the best return on investment



Delacon's additives can be regarded as regular additives being added 'on-top' in the feed ration. This use will result in increased performance and improved feed efficiency, leading to reduced costs per kg meat and hence to a positive return on investment. Some products like Biostrong® 510 for poultry and the Actifor® product line for ruminants can be applied according to Delacon's Performizer® concept, using nutritional matrix values to reduce feed costs by reoptimizing the total mixed ration. These nutritional matrix values are based on several digestibility studies in different species and different age periods.


For example, when Biostrong® 510 is used, an additional nutritional value for e.g. crude protein (amino acids) is delivered to the feed formula by increased protease synthesis in the intestinal tract. This means that using Biostrong® 510 leads to savings of approximately 11 kg of high protein soybean meal per metric ton of feed. As the need for mineral compounds and energy supply is lowered as well, more favorable formulations are possible. These reductions play the key role in lowering feed costs while ensuring high animals´ performance.


Benefits for producers, animals, consumers and the environment



Besides these advantages for producers and nutrition suppliers, phytogenic additives like Delacon's are well known to provide additional beneficial effects such as reducing intestinal inflammation, promoting optimal intestinal flora and supporting the immune system. Such could help to reduce the amounts of in-feed antibiotics used. Therefore, phytogenics play a key role in global strategies for replacing antibiotics.


The consumers benefit from the utmost food safety, validated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Additionally, the environment benefits, because the use of Delacon's plant-derived feed additives are proven to reduce ammonia emissions up to 50 percent and greenhouse gas (CO2 reduction about 5 %, methane reduction up to 20%). This is an important point, as industrial agriculture remains a major source of ammonia and nitrate pollution of groundwater.


Extended product lines for best performance in livestock



Due to the strong demand in the ruminant sector, Delacon reacts with two new products. After Actifor® Pro, now Actifor® Boost and Actifor® Power have entered the European market in 2014 and thus complete this ruminant product range. Depending on the country, the three products are in different stages of approval. The entire Actifor® product line solely contains natural substances like essential oils, herbs and spices, and is specifically designed to improve feed efficiency, performance and health of ruminants.

A sound replacement of antibiotic growth promoters requires appropriate products, tailored to the respective challenges of livestock production. For that reason, Delacon further recently developed a new product, Biostrong® Forte, which combines the beneficial Biostrong® 510 effects with short and medium chain fatty acids. Biostrong® Forte helps to fight the common intestinal challenges found in antibiotic-free animal nutrition. The product has been launched on the U.S. market in January 2015. On a global scale, the product is at different stages of approval.

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