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Zootechnical Registration: Proven efficacy vs. believed benefits
- Zootechnical Registration
- Independent Evaluation
- Proven efficacy

Zootechnical Registration: Proven efficacy vs. believed benefits

Phytogenics substances are increasingly accepted by the feed industry to improve animal performance. However, there is still a lack of knowledge and experience about their modes of action and the optimal way to apply them in commercial feeds, therefore phytogenics might be looked at with a certain skepticism. Due to the increasing number of phytogenic products that are offered on the market, it is getting more and more difficult to reliably differentiate ‘marketing products’ from effective substances optimizing livestock production. The registration as a "zootechnical feed additive" and the underlying independent scientific evaluation by EU authorities gives proof of a product's performance.

A Guide for Phytogenics in the Post-AGP Era
- What are phytogenic feed additives?
- The benefits of phytogenics in your feeding program
- Phytogenics as a solution for both conventional and antibiotic-free livestock
- The high trust and acceptance of consumers towards phytogenics

A Guide for Phytogenics in the Post-AGP Era

Since the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in the European Union in 2006, phytogenic feed additives have been on the rise in global animal production. The United States banned subtherapeutic use of medically important antibiotics for growth performance in 2017, some Asian countries like South Korea and Indonesia did as well. As feed additives receive increased attention among scientists, nutritionists, feed manufacturers and producers, phytogenic feed additives are moving further into the spotlight due to their holistic and broad-spectrum efficacy.

In particular, phytogenic feed additives show enormous potential for their impact on performance, sustainability, feed and food safety.



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