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5 Questions to Krisztina Farkas

1) What criteria are you putting the biggest emphasis on during the interviews?

I want to get to know the candidate as a person, not only focusing on their professional capabilities, but also the personal side – what drives them, what is personally important for them when deciding about a career step, what are the unique features we shall concentrate on when discussing their professional future. The basis for establishing all these criteria is an eye-level, open and respectful conversation.


2) If you could, what would you advise your younger self with respect to choosing your future profession and career path?

Consider your professional career path a dynamically changing road that never ends. It might have turns and crossroads where you must make hard choices. Continuously find the chances for improvement and, whatever you do, do it with passion. Last, never forget what David Lloyd George said: “Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.”


3) What would you advise the international applicants, not being familiar with the Austrian culture, or living outside Austria?

Just what I said before ☺: Be open and consider how fantastic it is to discover a culture from the inside. It will surely be an exciting and enlightening experience, even though you might be out of your comfort zone for a while. Of course, if a move to Austria is necessary, you will have to consider all aspects of that, especially if you are bringing a family with you. We will definitely be there to assist you with the various challenges related to this momentous change.


4) What is your favorite question to ask during interviews?

I always ask the applicant to describe how they see the position they’re applying for. Even though we already know the important points of the job, I want to see what the applicant is focusing on, and if there are any points that I need to describe more clearly.


5) What is more important to you: facts or gut feeling?

In my opinion both are equally important. As the recruiter, I cannot evaluate the deep professional applicant’s facts or knowledge, and must rely on the other people taking part in the recruitment process. My primary interest during a conversation is personality, fitting-in factor, soft skills and competencies.


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