Respiratory and digestive functions in calves

The maintenance of normal healthy respiratory functions and strengthening the stable development of early digestive function under stress conditions are two management goals for strong, healthy calves. 

Maintaining normal digestive and respiratory functions in calves also contributes to the economic success of production. Because chronic respiratory lesions or gut disorders may impair the performance of growing and mature animals, it is worth supporting the development of healthy calves from the beginning. 

Did you know?

  • A reduced average daily weight gain leads to a later 1st calving and lower milk yield in 1st lactation.
  • An increase in feed intake (from the milk or calf milk replacer and starter feed) during preweaning period has a positive effect on the long-term productivity of dairy calves: for every 100g of preweaning ADG, dairy cows produced 150kg more milk during their first lactation.1

A healthy calf means high growth performance

The gut is where the performance and resilience of the calf begins: if feed intake and nutrient utilization are reduced, the immune system may lack the energy required to maintain stable respiratory functions and digestion. Good palatability and digestibility of nutrients from milk and/or concentrate can contribute to the decisive energy and protein supply within the first weeks of life. Thus, the first goal must be to improve feed intake and thereby strengthen the normal digestive functions. By maintaining normal respiratory, consistent digestive functions and stimulating feed intake in calves, average daily gain and thus overall performance can increase.

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Phytogenic support for calves:

Actifor® Protect – Take a deep breath

  • Stimulates feed intake and digestive performance, thus contributing to enhanced daily weight gain of calves 
  • Supports calves to stay in good condition
  • Enhances average daily gain and improves feed conversion ratio 

The selected aromatic combination of natural essential oils, flavonoids and saponins in Actifor® Protect supports the overall health status of calves and contributes to high performance right from the start. With Actifor® Protect calves will benefit from a broad spectrum of key advantages: Besides beneficial influence on the respiratory function, the digestive performance in calves is supported. Moreover, Actifor® Protect positively contributes to enhanced feed efficiency and daily weight gain by improving the milk and concentrate intake

Nature that works - proven scientifically

Research has shown that Actifor® Protect contributes to reduced occurence of coughing and supports feces consistency as well as feed intake in calves.

The sophisticated formula of phytogenics in Actifor® Protect helps to support the natural resilience of the calf.

1 Soberon and Van Amburgh, 2013. LACTATION BIOLOGY SYMPOSIUM: The effect of nutrient intake from milk or milk replacer of preweaned dairy calves on lactation milk yield as adults: A meta-analysis of current data. Journal of Animal Sciences. 91:706-712. 
*University trial with Actifor® Protect on rearing calves, Germany, 2014, Spring (p< 0.05)
**University trial with Actifor® Protect on rearing calves, Germany, 2015, Autumn (p<0.05)

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