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Optimized nutrient digestibility is the key solution to boosting animal performance and reducing feeding costs in animal nutrition, respectively. Therefore, our phytogenic feed additives strike for the same aim of maximized feed efficiency in animal production. Several bio-active substances in our phytogenic feed additives are efficient in stimulating digestive enzymes and facilitating nutrient uptake in the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, the application of our products improves feed conversion ratio. This means that the animal is able to utilize a higher portion of the provided feed due to the supplemented phytogenic feed additives.

What does Performizer® stand for?

Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives optimize feed efficiency through enhancement of nutrient digestibility and they can be applied in two different ways - depending on your production goal:

  1. According to our Performizer® solution to reduce feed costs in animal nutrition directly or
  2. “On top” to increase animal performance and thus saving feed costs indirectly

Our Performizer® solution stands for optimized performance, which can be used to reduce your feed costs in animal nutrition and to boost the profitability of your business.

Direct savings of feed costs with the Performizer® solution

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The above-mentioned increase of nutrient digestibility is translated in nutritional matrix values, which can be applied in diet optimization, resulting in lower costs per ton while maintaining performance at the same level.

Recommended and detailed matrix values for a reduction of dietary energy, protein, amino acids and minerals are provided by Delacon’s team of nutritionists on demand.

Indirect savings of feed costs in animal nutrition due to maximized performance

If Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives are applied on-top to a certain feed ration, performance of livestock will be optimized. Generally, the positive influence of our phytogenic solutions on nutrient uptake is an improvement of feed conversion ratio. More specifically this results, among others, in increased growth rates, increased egg production and egg weight in laying hens, increased litter sizes and weaning weights in piglet production or in a higher milk yield in dairy cows. Consequently, due to the on-top supplementation of Delacon products feeding costs do decrease in relation to the production of 1 pound of meat, eggs or milk.

Technical Note: Performizer® for poultry solutions.

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