Boosting breeders' reproduction performance naturally

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  • ​Factors influencing fertility and how to reduce their impacts in poultry breeders
  • Strategies in managing breeders' fertility
  • Nutrition and fertility of broiler breeders

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Delacon Phytogenic e-Connection 2021

Date: Thursday, 28 October 2021

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Program Highlights

Strategies in managing breeder fertility

Rick Van Emous, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher Animal Nutrition
Wageningen Livestock Research, Wageningen/The Netherlands

Poultry breeders: Factors influencing fertility and how to reduce their impacts

Roberto Montanhini Neto, DVM., Ph.D.

Global Unit Lead Monogastric
Delacon Biotechnik GmbH

Nutrition and fertility of broiler breeders: Less is more

Loek de Lange, M.Sc.

Animal Nutritionist Consultant at Loek's Feed

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