New in North America: Delaconā€™s heat stress solution

Engerwitzdorf, Austria, and Atlanta, Georgia, USA, January 29, 2020 ā€“ During IPPE 2020, Delacon brings its latest heat stress product for poultry to North America. BiostrongĀ® Comfort is now available in the USA and Canada.

29 January 2020

Every year, hot and humid weather wreaks havoc on poultry production worldwide. Rising temperatures can significantly reduce bird performance due to lower feed intake and reduced feed efficiency, which, in turn, can lead to reduced body weight gain and egg production.

A heat stress product is now available to help birds in North America beat the heat.

BiostrongĀ® Comfort, developed by Delacon to support poultry at the highest temperatures and humidity levels, aims to lessen the impact of heat stress, estimated to cost the poultry industry more than $100 million per year.

ā€œOur special formulation of flavonoids, essential oils and other phytogenic active ingredients supports feed intake and specific nutrient supply for better performance,ā€ says David Harrington, Species Leader Poultry at Delacon.

Without support of the birdā€™s natural antioxidative defense mechanisms, the balance between the production of free radicals and antioxidants can be quickly disturbed, he explains.

ā€œPlant-derived antioxidants provided by Biostrong Comfort can help maintain this balance and support the production of the endogenous antioxidative capacity of the bird.ā€

Key benefits of BiostrongĀ® Comfort:

  • Helps maintain growth performance and feed conversion ratio in hot, humid conditions.
  • Helps promote feed intake and supports resilience of poultry to mitigate the specific effects of heat stress.

Adds Harrington, the goal is to provide poultry with the necessary energy and supporting nutrients to maintain a normally functioning natural defense system and stable intestinal function in hot and humid climates. ā€œSupplementing with Biostrong Comfort contributes to improvements in body weight gain and feed conversion in heat stress conditions.ā€