Delacon published new dossier on gut health

Recently, Delacon published a new scientific publication. The latest dossier addresses intestinal health in monogastric animals. Learn more with the articles in “What about gut”.

Delacon attaches great importance to research. In over three decades the company has gained enormous knowledge about the phytogenic universe. This is only possible through high specialization in this area. But for Delacon it is also important to share knowledge and help educate the industry.

Delacon has published a new scientific publication. External scientists and phytogenic experts from Delacon gathered for the dossier “What about gut”. Especially written for experts in animal nutrition and veterinarians. Readers will get new insights about intestinal disorders in pigs and poultry.

Some of the topics are:

  • Impact of nutrition on performance and intestinal health
  • Global trends in ABF-production in poultry and swine
  • Role of the intestinal microbiota for intestinal development and health in young pigs and poultry.

As there are increasing occurences in intestinal disorders gut health becomes more important. “Phytogenics can modulate the intestinal microbiota which can help to regulate inflammatory responses and oxidative stress – an important factor in today’s gut health management,” says David Harrington, Species Leader Poultry at Delacon.


What about gut (2020) is now available for free over the Delacon website: