European Commission authorized Delaconā€™s second phytogenic zootechnical feed additive

Austria/Brussels, March 15th, 2017. It has taken several years and many efforts, but patience and endurance have paid off. The phytogenic feed additive manufacturer Delacon achieved another milestone. On March 9, the European Commission published the authorization of BiostrongĀ® 510 EC as a zootechnical additive. Safety and efficacy of the product have been confirmed for use in chickens and minor avian species, both for fattening and reared for laying. The category of zootechnical additives is seen as the scientific gold standard in the feed additive industry.

In the European Union, feed additives are categorized in five groups. One of them, the zootechnical additives group, encompasses ā€˜feed additives favourably affecting the animal performance or the environmentā€™. In 2012, Delacon was the first company that received the zootechnical registration for a plant-based, phytogenic feed additive (FrestaĀ® F for piglets). On March 9, 2017, the European Commission published the Annex entry in the EU register of authorized Feed Additives of another Delacon product, BiostrongĀ®510 EC, as zootechnical feed additive for chickens and minor avian species, both for fattening and reared for laying. The authorization is based on the independent scientific opinion of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the evaluation by the European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL), two independent authorities that confirmed the safety for workers, animals, consumers and environment, as well as the efficacy on animal performance of BiostrongĀ® 510 EC.

With the official authorization of BiostrongĀ® 510 EC as zootechnical additive, Delacon can prove that this product is a science-based solution for performance enhancement. Dr. Antje Holthausen, responsible for Patents and Registration at Delacon, explains: ā€œThis zootechnical registration results from our extensive knowledge of modes of action and synergies turned into standardized complex phytogenic products with measurable effects.ā€ Dr. Jan Dirk van der Klis, Director of Products & Innovation adds: ā€œStakeholders along the value chain can be sure that Delacon products have proven efficacy, and our product claims for BiostrongĀ® 510 EC are now validated by the European Commission.ā€

BiostrongĀ® 510 EC is a complex product, and compared to other zootechnical additives, BiostrongĀ® 510 EC is fully exploiting synergistic effects of different active substances within plant extracts, and is not reduced to single lead substances. The European zootechnical registration of BiostrongĀ® 510 EC can serve as a worldwide reference for safety and efficacy.

ā€œWith our second zootechnical registration, we prove the Delacon position as pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additivesā€, states Delacon CEO Markus Dedl. ā€œFinally, we all benefit from the science-based approval of all ingredients that enter the food chain. In our recent consumer survey conducted in the United States, we have seen high acceptance of phytogenic feed additives among millennial foodies, showing an untapped opportunity to use phytogenics as powerful differentiator and purchase motivator.ā€