Delacon, 01.31.2017

Survey Reveals High Acceptance for Phytogenic Feed Additives Among Millennial Foodies

Nine out of 10 (87 percent) U.S. millennial foodies say meat and poultry produced with phytogenics would make a positive impact on their brand choice. And, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of millennial foodies look at labels closely, suggesting an untapped opportunity for food brands to differentiate themselves with the powerful story of phytogenics.

“An increasingly transparent food system means producers need solutions that not only work, but also resonate positively with consumers,” says Sonny Pusey, Delacon’s regional manager for North America. Millennials – now a quarter of the U.S. population – embrace food experiences and make buying decisions that align with their values, Pusey notes. “While they have no prior awareness of phytogenic feed additives, the survey revealed a tremendous opportunity to connect with influential millennial foodies with a story about animal wellness, including how natural plant-based ingredients, such as garlic, cinnamon and thyme, are fed to chickens, pigs and other animals.”

For 87 percent of millennial foodies, meat and poultry produced with phytogenic feed additives would make a positive impact on their brand choice

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Delacon shares three takeaways on how sharing the phytogenics story can connect with this audience:

  • Millennial foodies care about animal well-being, and the environment

  • Phytogenics help millennial foodies feel great about their food choices

  • Food brands may be able to motivate purchases by calling out phytogenics on their labels


For three decades, Delacon has been committed to using the power of nature to find solutions to animal nutrition challenges. What started as a niche has grown into a market of global importance. “Phytogenic feed additives are a natural choice for producers, and a cornerstone for both conventional and antibiotic-free feeding programs,” says the company’s CEO Markus Dedl. “Furthermore, survey findings indicate the story of phytogenics resonates with consumers.” Phytogenics optimize animal performance by supporting nutrient utilization, as well as gut health and integrity, and make a proven impact on sustainability, and feed and food safety, Dedl says, adding that naturally derived phytogenic feed additives are shown to have greater synergistic effects between active substances than synthetic nature-identical substances.

Delacon provides solutions and expertise for U.S. producers


Delacon and Land O’Lakes, Inc. animal nutrition businesses, including PMI Nutritional Additives, are exclusive partners in the United States for phytogenic feed additives. Delacon’s deep knowledge in plant-based feed additives and PMI Nutritional Additives’ extensive experience in U.S. animal nutrition, are a strong combination of capabilities for success in the livestock feed business.



Read more details in the press release.

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