The role of phytogenics


As producers address ever-changing nutrition challenges, many are turning their focus to gut health and taking a fundamentally different approach to animal nutrition. To address these needs, Delacon urges producers to have the Guts to Grow. Phytogenics are an important tool  to stimulate gut health and optimize performance through their complex modes of action. 

Addressing questions about phytogenics


As the global pioneer and leader in phytogenics, or plant-based feed additives, Delacon is committed to helping producers understand phytogenics, their modes of action and how they can work to support unique nutrition goals for poultry and swine production as well as how to select the right phytogenics


Interest in phytogenics is high


As evidenced by recent presentations and industry news articles, producers and nutritionists alike have questions regarding phytogenics – including how they work and their impact on production. Delacon is working to answer those questions through its Guts to Grow initiative by:


  • Working with Purina and PMI Nutritional Additives, Delacon’s exclusive U.S. research and distribution partner, to deliver technical information on phytogenic feed additives
  • Encouraging conversation around feeding strategies that meet antibiotic-free demands
  • Presenting phytogenic information that addresses questions from producers and nutritionists
phytogenic ingredient substances

Do you have the Guts to Grow?


Delacon is prepared to help producers and nutritionists meet today's challenges and encourages a Guts to Grow conversation about antibiotic alternatives. Contact us to keep the conversation going. 

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