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At Delacon, we seek third party validation to set our phytogenic offerings apart and ensure product performance meets customer expectations. Our patented formulations work to enhance digestibility and animal performance. We’ve also taken the rigorous steps for EU zootechnical registration, an accomplishment only Delacon has achieved for two phytogenic feed additives.

Zootechnical Registration

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Zootechnical registration


Delacon has achieved zootechnical registration, twice, proving the efficacy of its phytogenic feed additives.


Extensive research and high-level quality management are the basis for achieving a zootechnical registration – two key factors which are consistent across all Delacon products.


Within this complex registration process, a dossier on complete, comprehensive and validated data on quality, safety and efficacy of the feed additive is evaluated by independent scientists of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).



Authorization procedure

  1. Dossier submission
    to European Commission (EC)

  2. Verification of the provided analytical methods and traceability '
    by the Community Reference Laboratory (EURL)

  3. Assessment of safety and efficacy 
    by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

  4. Authorization 
    by European Commission and Member States

A worldwide reference for the feed industry


Zootechnical EU registration of a feed additive is considered the scientific ‘gold standard’ in the feed industry. The strict approval processes review not only the safety, but also the efficacy of the product to be officially confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


Delacon was the first company to receive a zootechnical registration for a phytogenic feed additive with FRESTA® F for piglets in 2012. Its BIOSTRONG® 510 EC for chickens was granted authorization in 2017. Delacon is the only company to hold two zootechnical registrations for phytogenic products.


The independent registration process validates product claims and distinguishes Delacon products from others on the market. 



Learn more 


Read about the zootechnical registration process in an interview with Delacon's CEO Markus Dedl, Dr. Jan Dirk van der Klis (Director of Products & Innovation) and Dr. Antje Holthausen (Patents & Registration).

Zootechnical registration

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