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Trista Cady, FLM Harvest
Delacon launches “Guts to Grow” campaign
The global pioneer in phytogenic feed additives bolsters its presence in the U.S. market, adding new people, products and promotion
Delacon, 10.10.2017
Delacon Appoints Two Regional Technical Managers for Poultry to its U.S. Team
New team members will support research and education for phytogenics in the United States
Delacon, 06.07.2017
Delacon and Cargill announce strategic equity investment
Delacon, the pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additives, and Cargill have agreed to a strategic partnership that will advance the market presence of natural, plant-based feed additives on a global scale, and meet changing consumer preferences of what animals are fed and how food is produced.
Carolin Heublein joins Delacon Sales Team in Europe
Dr Carolin Heublein has joined Delacon EMEA-LA Sales Team as Sales Manager Germany. She directly reports to Dr Anja Fiesel. The team positions itself as the first contact for the sale of Delacon phytogenic feed additives as well as for customer service in Germany.
European Commission authorized Delacon’s second phytogenic zootechnical feed additive
On March 9, the European Commission published the authorization of Biostrong® 510 EC as a zootechnical additive.
Phytogenic feed additives as natural performance enhancers are increasingly accepted by the industry and consumers
Known for broad-spectrum efficacy, phytogenics are a promising group of feed additives for the livestock industry
Phytogenic feed additives combined with fatty acids show promising potential for antibiotic-free poultry production
Effects of Biostrong® Forte on animal microflora support antibiotic-free poultry production
Delacon Bolsters U.S. Team with New Regional Manager and Swine Technical Manager
The pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additives, Delacon, appoints Kevin Adams as regional manager and Kory Moran as technical manager swine for North America
Delacon, 31.01.2017
Survey Reveals High Acceptance for Phytogenic Feed Additives Among Millennial Foodies
For 87 percent of millennial foodies, meat and poultry produced with phytogenic feed additives would make a positive impact on their brand choice
Delacon hires new team members in China
To further strengthen the operations in China, the pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additives, Delacon, appoints Allen Song as Technical Manager China and, Nick Wang as Sales Manager North China.
Stefan Hirtenlehner is Technical Communications Manager at Delacon
The 32-year-old Dr. Stefan Hirtenlehner is now responsible for technical communications at Delacon. His tasks include the organization, planning and coordination of all scientific, technical and product-related communication activities.
Emily Zhou joins the Delacon R&D team
Agronomist Dr Emily Zhou (31) joins the Delacon team as R&D Manager Poultry & Immunology. She will support the team of Dr Andreas Mueller, Head of R&D, at the headquarters of Delacon Biotechnik GmbH in Steyregg.
PMI Nutritional Additives and Delacon form exclusive partnership to meet challenges in animal nutrition
Collaboration will yield additional opportunities for research on new ways to feed animals using phytogenic feed additives
Delacon appoints Mohamed Taleb as Sales Manager Middle East
By mid July 2015, Dr. Mohamed Taleb has joined Delacon as Sales Manager Middle East. Located in Cairo, Egypt, he will be responsible for sales in Egypt and the Gulf region and reports directly to Bernard Paumelle (Area Sales Manager Italy, Middle East, Africa).
EU research project on optimizing feed efficiency and reducing the ecological footprint of pigs and broilers
Within the frame of the 'ECO-FCE' project, Delacon and 16 other industry partners, research organizations and universities are conducting research on optimizing feed efficiency and reducing the ecological footprint of monogastrics. The project has started in February 2013, takes 48 months and is funded by the European Commission with six million Euros.
Delacon appoints Sonny Pusey as Regional Manager North America
Delacon exports to 50 countries and the global team is constantly growing. To strengthen the operations in the U.S., Delacon appoints Sonny Pusey as Regional Manager North America (USA, Canada). He takes over the Delacon leadership in the U.S. and in Canada.
Delacon appoints Kostas Syriopoulos as Customer Technical Service Manager Swine
On April 1st, Kostas Syriopoulos (37) has joined Delacon as Customer Technical Service Manager Swine. Reporting directly to our Species Leader Swine Ester Vinyeta, Kostas Syriopoulos will be involved in customer technical service in various countries and will support Ester Vinyeta in swine product management and development.
Delacon raises awareness of the importance of forests and trees
On March 21 it's time again for celebrating the International Day of Forests all over the world. This day was initiated to provide a platform to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and of solitary trees. On this occasion, Delacon staff members visit the Baan Lankha Community Forest in Thailand, where the company joined the 'Plant A Tree Today' Foundation (PATT) and planted over 500 native trees in 2014.
VIV Asia 2015 was a tremendous success for Delacon
From March 11-13, the 12th edition of VIV Asia in Bangkok was filled with professionals in animal production and processing of meat, eggs, fish and milk with healthy growth ambitions. For Delacon, this year's VIV Asia was the first trade show in Asia, where we presented our extended product range for ruminants (Actifor®), our new product for poultry (Biostrong® Forte) as well as our new corporate design.
Delacon launches Biostrong Forte for profitable poultry production under challenge conditions
A sound replacement of antibiotic growth promoters requires specially designed dedicated products for antibiotic-free applications. Delacon developed a new product, Biostrong® Forte, which combines beneficial Biostrong® 510 effects with short and medium chain fatty acids. Biostrong® Forte helps to fight the common intestinal challenges found in antibiotic-free production.
Optimizing feed formulation for the best return on investment in broiler production
In broiler production, feed costs account for about 60-70% of the total production costs. Therefore optimization of feed formulation is very important – for both producers and nutrition suppliers. The phytogenic (plant-derived) feed additive Biostrong® 510 has proven its potential to promote performance and productivity, reducing feed costs per unit of final product.
IPPE 2015 Report: Three days, one booth, many news and a vast number of contacts
The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, USA, is the world's largest annual poultry, meat and feed industry event of its kind. For the first time, Delacon had was amongst the exhibitors, showed the potential of its plant-based feed additives and presented a new product for profitable poultry production.
Delacon reorganizes Products & Innovation division
With the beginning of 2015, Delacon has restructured its Research & Development, Product Management and Innovation teams. These previously separated teams are now united within a new division called 'Products & Innovation'. While remaining Species Leader for Poultry, Dr. Jan Dirk van der Klis (52) has become the head of this new division and now directly reports to CEO Markus Dedl.
Delacon sets up an office in India and hires Country Manager
Phytogenic feed additives are seen amongst the top solutions in animal nutrition. Their holistic benefits are paying off around the world. In order to deliver individual solutions for different markets, Delacon’s network is growing steadily. Recently, the pioneer and leader in phytogenic feed additives decided to set up a location in India and hired Dr. Jeetendra Verma who serves as Country Manager.
Delacon appoints Arturo Fernandez as new Area Sales Manager Latin America
Delacon, exports to 45 countries and the team is constantly growing. To strengthen the operations in Latin America, Delacon appoints Arturo Fernandez as new Area Sales Manager Latin America. He will develop the sales strategy for Latin America further.
EuroTier Report: Phytogenic feed additives as solution for challenges in livestock production
Between sixty and seventy percent of the total costs in livestock production are feed costs and they continue to rise. Meaningful and targeted alternatives are sought - and found. Delacon presented its innovations as well as a new Corporate Design at EuroTier, the world's leading trade fair for livestock production, which took place from November, 11-14, 2014 in Hannover.
Phytogenic feed additives for livestock production on the rise
Delacon recognized the potential of these alternative performance enhancers already 25 years ago. Today, the company is market leader in research and production of phytogenic feed additives. At the EuroTier, Delacon makes its innovative, natural products come alive and presents an extended product family for ruminants as well as a new corporate design.
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