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Delacon launches “Guts to Grow” campaign

Atlanta, January 30, 2018 –  As interest in phytogenics, commonly defined as plant-based feed additives, has grown in the United States, Delacon recognizes a need for education around the role of phytogenics in nutrition. In late 2017, Delacon launched the “Guts to Grow” marketing platform, urging livestock and poultry producers to consider phytogenics in their approach in a post-AGP, and increasingly antibiotic-free, era. 


Hunger for feed additive alternatives

A focus on gut health to address ever-changing nutrition challenges requires producers to take a fundamentally different approach to animal nutrition.


“There’s a tremendous need for antibiotic alternatives as the market demands protein produced without antibiotics. That’s where phytogenics come into play,” says Greg Mathis, Southern Poultry Research, Inc., Athens, Georgia, USA.


Guts to Grow

As evidenced by the Q&A during company presentations,  producers and nutritionists alike have questions regarding phytogenics – including how they work and their impact on production. Delacon is working to answer those questions through Guts to Grow by:

  • Working with Purina and PMI Nutritional Additives, Delacon’s exclusive U.S. research and distribution partner, to deliver technical information on phytogenic feed additives
  • Encouraging conversation around feeding strategies that meet antibiotic-free demands
  • Presenting phytogenic information to producers and nutritionists through a multi-faceted educational campaign and website,


Research and technical support

In collaboration with it’s U.S. partner Purina and PMI Nutritional Additives, Delacon continually invests in research for both established phytogenic products and pipeline products. As Delacon bolsters support in the U.S. market, it has also added new Regional Technical Managers for poultry and swine.


“We are committed to our role as pioneers in phytogenics by providing the highest level of support and technical expertise to partners and customers around the globe,” said Markus Dedl, CEO, Delacon. “I have full confidence in our U.S. partner’s and team’s ability to support livestock and poultry producers, even as the antibiotic-free conversation continues.”


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About Delacon

Founded and grown as an Austrian family business, Delacon ( has been the pioneer and global leader in phytogenic feed additives for nearly 30 years. The company researches, develops and manufactures plant-based feed additives composed of herbs, spices, other plants and their extracts such as essential oils for poultry, swine and ruminants, and coined the term ‘phytogenics’. Delacon products are exported to about 80 countries worldwide.

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