Phytogenic feed solutions in pig production

Because less means more

Modern swine producers face many challenges, mainly due to market pressure, environmental conditions and other constraints, which have a direct impact on pigs’ performance throughout their lives. Moreover, each phase of pig production has its own requirements: from supporting the piglets development in early stages of life as well as during post-weaning phase to improving growth performance in growing-finishing pigs. 

Enhance feed intake during lactation

Improve their feed intake to support milk production and reduce body condition loss during lactation. More milk nutritional requirements for maintaining growth performance.

Optimal start at weaning

An optimal start at weaning is the basis for a successful pig production. Stimulating feed intake during the critical post-weaning phase is key to strengthen the development of a stable intestine


Enhance feed intake in grower-finishers

Managing feed intake should be a key priority because of the impact it has on fulfilling the nutritional requirements for maintaining growth performance.


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