Research at Delacon

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Natural science at its best – research in phytogenics

From fundamental research to field research

We are the leading experts in phytogenic solutions – and not without reason: Always being ahead of time. Delacon coined the term phytogenics more than three decades ago and ever since made full efforts to use the power of nature according to our vision “Unlocking the plant universe for better lives”. Our goal is not only the development of safe and highly efficient feed additives for animal nutrition, but we also aim to create confidence in the natural potential of the world’s vegetation.

R&D Team

Creating trust by creating knowledge 

How do we achieve our goals? We at Delacon are convinced that we can accomplish the above-mentioned targets by one and the same way: Every day, we strive hard to support our vision with scientific data. Our multinational research and development team includes experts from different academic disciplines. The combination of these single fields of expertise arises in a top-performing knowledge center.

Each scientist of our R&D team contributes with their specific knowledge of a certain species to excellent research and steadily growing internal know-how. Moreover, every scientist of our team takes on a second area of responsibility and works on a special topic. Thus, Delacon’s accumulated knowledge of experts gets maximized and combines scientific fields of immunology, microbiology or molecular cell biology – it is our knowledge and expertise, which makes Delacon unique and which differentiates us from others.

Using different methods

Research at highest level

Our main objective of our research is to find and evaluate new botanical compounds and their combinations harnessing their full potential in animal nutrition, such as optimizing feed intake, improving feed conversion, increasing daily weight gain, supporting animal good health and helping in the reduction of environmental emissions. To gain deep insight into these fields of interest, we collaborate with universities and research centers all over the globe. Moreover, we are part of two national research programs: within the scope of Austrian Competence Centre for Feed and Food Quality Safety and Innovation (FFoQSI) and the “Josef-Ressel-Zentrum fĂźr phytogene Wirkstoffforschung” whereby we generate insightful data using newly developed in-vitro tests, which are the basis of subsequent in-vivo experiments.

This solid scientific network allows us to generate data with various methods: Thus, we are able to evaluate the mode of action of phytogenic substances under well-controlled stress conditions (heat stress, infections) using specially designed in-vitro tests such as with Caenorhabditis elegans and cell culture models (CaCo2-cells and HepG-cells). Considering sustainability (one of Delacon’s core values) we avoid animal experiments whenever possible and expedient: To verify promising results, Delacon performs in-vivo trials, for example at the company owned research farm PNRC, and further replicates these findings in field trials in different regions all over the world.

Scientific data as a basis of zootechnical registrations

Our success proves us right

Due to our scientifically substantiated research database, Delacon was the first company to obtain in the EU zootechnical authorisations for phytogenic products. The phytogenic products that are currently authorised as zootechnical additives are two Biostrong™ 510 formulas in poultry. These authorisations prove the benefits of these phytogenic products in animal performance.

Due to our science-based approach, we can to turn ideas into fundamental knowledge.