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Let nature perform
Delacon's Challenges and Solutions

Species Overview

Extracting the power of nature

The spirit of Delacon’s vision is implemented in all our products: Using the power of nature, our phytogenic solutions represent a highly efficient and safe way to support feed efficiency and livestock production.

For Delacon, supporting animal health is the key to profitable animal production and boosting feed efficiency. Extensive research is the foundation of our high-quality phytogenic feed additives and services that are seen as the key to meet the worldwide challenges - from animal nutrition to food safety. It is rather the impact of a combination of several plant-derived substances and their synergistic effects than a single component that empowers our products to exploit the animals' full genetic potential.

Different species have different needs

It is not a coincidence that one of our core values is sustainability: Delacon draws its energy and success from the power of nature. This imparts responsible management of our environment to ensure bio-diversity in the future. Greater diversity adds to the abundance of benefits we can derive from natural plant sources to power livestock feed production.

This diversity is also represented in our products - we are proud to provide an entire line of products, each being precisely aligned to the needs or challenge of the respective target animal.  The range of application in our feed additive lines are as diverse as the environments in which they are designed to perform - from the complexity of the ruminant system to the detailed facets of the monogastric gastrointestinal tract.

Moreover, Delacon not only pays attention to the specific needs and physiology of different species, but also considers the requirements of  lifestage in product development for each specie. As such, we have developed products which are specially adapted to the physiology of young animals.

The advantages of Delacon's phytogenic products are evident

Not only the target animal will benefit from an improved health status, but also the producer who benefits from improving the profitability of his business: In fact, it is every consumer who will benefit from the synergistic effects of diverse phytogenic substances by finding safe and natural products in the food chain.

Animal's benefits

Animals benefit from the supportive effects of our phytogenic compounds on digestion and feed efficiency, resulting in minimized intestinal challenge, balanced microbiota and minimized excretion of nutrients.

Farmer's benefits

Farmers will reduce their feed costs by supporting feed efficiency of their animals: Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives are potent to improve feed intakedigestion and increase nutrient utilization, resulting in an empowered animal performance, thus maximizes the profit for farmers.

Consumer's benefits

It is not only the animal or farmer, who will benefit by Delacon’s solutions: Every consumer can feel certain about the food safety, which is validated by the European Safety Authority (EFSA) and confirmed by the European Commission.

Besides food safety, a recent consumer survey reveals that factors like animal well-being, the environment are also important factors for millennial foodies. Therefore, a high acceptance for phytogenic feed additives among this group of consumers is given. 

Environmental benefits

Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives contribute to a sound and sustainable management of natural resources by improving the utilization of feed inputs and reduction of ammonia emissions (by about 25%) as well as greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 reduction about 5%; CH4 reduction about 8%).

Specialized products with proven efficacy

Although our products do have all these attributes in common, we are proud to provide tailor-made and highly specific solutions for state of the art animal production. Our research and development team permanently works on sophisticated formulations to empower poultry, swine, ruminant, multispecies and aquaculture systems delivering high performance. Our phytogenics show impact on performance since they are tuned to each specialized physiological prerequisite.