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One of the objectives of any animal producer is to feed his animals as accurately as possible with a balanced diet at a lowest cost. The volatility of raw material prices and fluctuations in their availability as well as the variability of animal derived food prices, are challenging. Thus, the feed industry is in demand to provide solutions to help improve livestock, poultry and aquaculture production profitability. Therefore, our phytogenic solutions play a key role in supporting feed efficiency.

How can phytogenics help improve your margin?

Thirty-five years of expertise in plants and their bio-active substances have allowed Delacon to develop efficient phytogenic feed additives. Taking the advantage of the synergistic effects of the plants, we have formulated products that, due to their appetizing characteristics, help improve feed intake, meaning the birds take in more nutrients which can help modulate nutrient digestibility, and support feed efficiency in animals. Based on those products, our Performizerâ„¢ solution offers the possibility to optimize the diet composition in animal production by revising the feed ratio or helping producers replace more expensive feed raw material components in the ration.


Direct savings of feed costs with the Performizerâ„¢ solution

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The increase in nutrient digestibility and feed efficiency is translated in nutritional matrix values, which can be applied in diet optimization, resulting in lower costs per ton while helping maintain performance at the same level. Recommended and detailed matrix values for a reduction of dietary nutrients are provided by Delacon’s team of experts on demand.

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