Support gut integrity in pigs


Introduce plant power to support your commitment to producing quality pork in a post-AGP era. Expertly blended botanical compounds from garlic, thyme and other natural ingredients support nutrient utilization, plus optimize gut health, to help you get more performance out of your feed resources.

Delacon has created phytogenics products specifically for swine, with proven results through years of research.

Phytogenics in swine: U.S. swine farmer looking over growing pigs

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Phytogenics in swine- trials have shown:

  • Enhance feed intake due to sensory stimulation in lactating sows (+6%)1,2 and piglets (+4.7%)3,4
  • Optimize piglets feed efficiency and growth performance through enhanced feed intake3,5
  • Support intestinal health6,7
  • Aid in vitality and supports pig survival rate (-36%)3
  • Enhance nutrient utilization in piglets5 and sows4
  • Improve nutritional quality of milk in lactating sows4
  • Optimize piglet uniformity at birth and weaning8
  • Promote increased feed intake to reduce body weight loss of sows at weaning (-25%)4
  • Support an increase in litter size and weight through increased sow feed intake2
  • Enhance stress tolerance in sows and piglets2,7
  • Improve sows’ fertility and shortens reproduction4
Do you have Guts to Grow?


Delacon works with its U.S. research and distribution partners, PMI Nutritional Additives and Purina Animal Nutrition, to develop phytogenic products for U.S. pork producers.

Products available include Purina® NEWtraStart feed and phytogenic components in other products such as Ambitine feed technology. Contact us to add the benefits of plant power to your swine ration.


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NEWtraStart is a trademark of Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC and Ambitine is a trademark of PMI Nutritional Additives.

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