Products and modes of action

Delacon has been a pioneer and world market leader in phytogenic feed additives for poultry, pigs and ruminants for about 30 years. These additives are produced from plant extracts and essential oils. Products incorporate not only herbs and spices commonly used in cooking, including thyme, garlic, oregano and cinnamon, but also exotic plants such as quillaja. Delacon’s current product lines include Biostrong® for poultry, Actifor® for ruminants, and Fresta® and Aromex® for swine.
The benefits offered by phytogenic feed additives have been confirmed by analysis and studies conducted at the company’s own research center as well as independent institutes from all over the world:

  • Benefits for animals: 
    Improved animal health due to stronger immune systems, reduced occurrence of intestinal inflammation, support for an optimal intestinal flora and reduced ammonia emissions; resulting in the ability to reduce the therapeutical use of antibiotics to a minimum.
  • Benefits for farmers and producers:
    - Improved animal digestion, resulting in better conversion of nutrients and therefore reduced feed costs
    - Consistently improved animal performance and therefore higher profitability for farmers and producers
  • Benefits for consumers: 
    Maximum safety for consumers as evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  • Benefits for the environment: 
    Efficient, sustainable use of natural resources due to reduced emissions of ammonia and methane and greenhouse gases (5% less CO2)

Delacon was the first company worldwide to receive a zootechnical registration by the European Union for a phytogenic feed additive. The EU approval process, which imposes extremely strict criteria, is considered the industry’s scientific gold standard, as it confirms not only the safety but also the efficacy of the certified product. It involves a thorough scientific evaluation and assessment by the highest European testing authority, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The Delacon product Fresta® F for weaned piglets was awarded this coveted quality certification in 2012, providing the EFSA’s official confirmation of not only the safety but also the efficacy of Fresta® F in enhancing performance in pig production. In March 2017, Delacon obtained the second authorization as zootechnical additive for Biostrong® 510 EC, confirming that this phytogenic feed additive is a safe and efficient natural performance enhancer for poultry and minor avian species.