PNRC: Applied sciences in phytogenics

PNRC: Delacon’s fully owned research Center

Applied sciences in phytogenics

At Delacon, nothing is left to chance: another proof of taking our role as a global market leader in phytogenics serious is that we do not only produce high-quality products – moreover, we create a proper infrastructure by ourselves allowing us to perform scientific trials independently from other institutions.

In 2011, the Performing Nature Research Center (PNRC) opened its doors as one of the largest industry-owned trial sites to conduct in-vivo experiments under highly controlled and standardized conditions.

PNRC speeds up our own research activities

Innovation Highway

PNRC enables our R&D team to test the efficiency of newly developed phytogenic formulations directly on different livestock species and allows fine adjustment in a very short time, speeding up the whole innovation process. When building PNRC we set great value on standardization and reproducibility of our experiments. Thus, a high-tech and all-automatic feeding and watering system is established allowing feed application at highest precision. Furthermore, minimizing the direct contact of animals and employees together with a geographic isolation from a direct neighborhood contributes to a high level of bio-security.

Flexible experimental design for quickly available results

Keeping as many options as possible in applied sciences in phytogenics

Delacon's research center is designed to perform experiments on broilers and layers, turkeys and ducks, as well as on pigs and small ruminants. The heart of PNRC is the emission section with its hermetically sealed chambers, which allow precise analysis of the influence on phytogenic feed additives on the production of ammonia and greenhouse gases when metabolizing different sources of feed. With photoacoustic measurements of exhausted air, our scientists gain insight in the quantities and temporal occurrence of carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia or nitrogen dioxide.

Both, air sampling and measurement of gas concentrations, run fully automatically without human intervention, actively reducing measuring errors. With PNRC we built a massive power plant of research to render experiments possible on feed palatability, nutrient digestibility, animal performance under different environmental settings and even under controlled stressful conditions.

“For the development of our products, we do not only use high-tech, but we combine high-tech with nature.“

PNRC at one glance:

  • Located in Europe
  • Founded in 2011
  • One of the largest company-owned, state-of-the-art trial sites in this field
  • Various sections: broiler, layer, emission
  • Unique facility for emission measurements on a global scale
  • High-tech and all-automatic feeding and watering system
Deep insights in our research center

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