Meeting challenges along the feed-to-food chain


Delacon’s phytogenics are a proven option to meet the challenges in animal nutrition, offering a wide range of benefits to animals, farmers, the environment and consumers.


  • Phytogenics provide broad-spectrum efficacy, boosting feed efficiency and optimizing animal performance through nutrition.
  • Phytogenics help livestock producers do more with less. By stimulating natural mechanisms in the animal, that animal can better reach its genetic potential.
  • Feeding phytogenic feed additives helps minimize the environmental impact of animal production by reducing ammonia emissions.
  • Phytogenics are natural ingredients that offer maximum consumer safety with no harmful residues and a feed-to-food chain consumers can trust.
Feed to food chain

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Different species have different needs


- and imply different challenges

With an understanding of the complexity and differences in each species’ gastrointestinal system, Delacon has formulated a diverse set of phytogenic solutions precisely aligned to the needs of the target animal. We also take into consideration the different life stages of each species, and have developed products that are specially adapted to the physiology and growth requirements of young animals.


Extensive research is the foundation of Delacon’s high-quality phytogenic feed additives and services.

In using true phytogenic feed additives based on plant extracts, Delacon aims to fully exploit the natural synergies of all agents within a plant for an advantage in animal nutrition.


Available products


In the United States, Delacon’s poultry and swine phytogenic feed additive products are currently available. Learn more about the benefits of phytogenics in poultry and swine.


Poultry and Swine


Pig and chicken

© Delacon: Boosting feed efficiency in swine and poultry

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