Feed additives enhance efficiency in ruminant species.


The complexity of the rumen requires innovative feed additive technology that effectively improves key production parameters. Phytogenic feed additives, plant-based ingredients derived from herbs, spices, other plants and their extracts, are a performance-boosting tool for dairy, beef and small ruminants such as sheep and goats. Phytogenic feed additives have multiple modes of action, and their benefits include increased milk production and milk quality in dairy cows; feed efficiency in beef cattle; and control of pH values in the rumen.


Actifor® phytogenic feed additives for ruminants


Delacon’s Actifor® product line of phytogenic feed additives is aligned to the specific needs of ruminant animals.


Helps maintain pH levels in the rumen and increases feed efficiency. Phytogenics help prevent pH declines that often come with high-carbohydrate rations, which can lead to a risk of acidosis.


Improves the production of volatile fatty acids in the rumen of beef cattle, the main sources of metabolic energy. Through salivation stimulation, it increases the buffer production and prevents a steep drop in pH value. Moreover, the phytogenic feed additive enhances the use of digestible bypass starches and fat in the small intestine and thus improves performance and efficiency.

Actifor product for ruminants

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Put the power of phytogenics to work in your nutrition program


Reach out to Dr. James Caldwell, Delacon USA’s regional technical manager for ruminants, for more information about phytogenics and their potential benefits for your operation or to get started with a product trial.


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