Phytogenic feed additives for dairy cows and
beef cattle to stabilize pH value

  • Improves fattening performance
  • Enhances carcass yield
  • Stabilizes ruminal pH value
  • Minimizes energetic losses

Improving energy efficiency in ruminants

One strategy to boost the performance in beef production and in dairy cows is to feed high shares of carbohydrates. Nevertheless, they cause a decline of pH in the rumen and thus increase the risk of acidosis. Beyond other highly effective phytogenic feed additives for dairy, with ACTIFOR® POWER Delacon provides a phytogenic solution that helps to maintain ruminal pH in conditions of high-carbohydrate rations and to simultaneously improve the energy efficiency in ruminants.



How does ACTIFOR® POWER work?

 ACTIFOR® POWER improves the production of volatile fatty acids in the rumen, which represent the main sources of metabolic energy. In conjunction with a reduced rate of ruminal carbohydrate degradation and a stimulation of buffer production linked to the salivation stimulation, ACTIFOR® POWER reduces the risk of unphysiologic increase of the ruminal pH value. Moreover, the phytogenic feed additive improves the use of digestible bypass starches and fat in the small intestine and thus minimizing energetic losses.


Essential oils and natural spices in ACTIFOR® POWER positively influence ruminant physiology resulting in improved performance and efficiency. ACTIFOR® POWER successfully improves feed intake, which boosts fattening rates and average daily gain of beef cattle. 


Feed additives for dairy

Product application


General dosage recommendation:

  • 5-6 g/day in dairy cows depending on milk yield
  • 2-6 g/day in beef cattle depending on weight
  • 1 g/day in ewes and goats
  • 0.8-1 g/day in lambs

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